Year of the Monkey featuring Pandora, Ohm, and Trollbeads

ohm-beads-year-of-the-monkeysIt’s a very belated Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!  I’m sad I missed the actual day, as it’s a special holiday for family and I but it’s been so busy around here.  This is the Year of the Monkey and today I’m finally reviewing a few special designs for the zodiac year.  Ohm Beads released three Year of the Monkey beads in silver, oxidized, and gold.  Pandora also came out with an exclusive charm to celebrate the new year called the Piggy Bank.

The Ohm Beads monkeys are slightly larger than their typical charms but the details are incredible.  They sit in an ohm pose meditating and look very serious.  The scouring along the body represents the fur exactly and I love the curling tail on the back.  The silver is shiny but has a lot of oxidation highlights; the Dirty Monkey is dark and limited edition available to approximately the summer; and lastly the Golden Monkey is super luxe and only available at select retailers like Artisan Bead Boutique.

I love the Pandora Piggy Bank even though it’s not the Year of the Pig yet.  I’m a bit puzzled why they picked a different zodiac animal but of course piggy banks are a lucky symbol and my own birth year so I adore it.  There’s a cute red bow around the neck and a coin slit on the back.  It’s a great addition to the Pandora line but it’s only available in certain markets right now including Asia, Australia, and Europe.  Unfortunately, it was not released in North America and won’t be through the summer collection at least.

I really enjoy the hunt and thrill of country exclusive charms and the Piggy Bank is definitely worth it!  It can be purchased from The Jewel Hut, an authorized stockist in the UK.  Ohm Beads can be bought on the official Ohm Beads websiteArtisan Bead Boutique, or Perlen.  I combined all my special red Trollbeads glass for this festive and lucky bracelet!  Have you gotten any of these designs?


Bead index (starting from left): TB sun moon & stars lock, Pandora chinese doll, TB unique red longevity, unique red glitter vine, Ohm silver year of the monkey, unique red glitter squiggles, unique red ornament, TB phoenix, unique red ornament, TB root chakra, Pandora piggy bank, TB LE red tinsel, unique red exclamation, TB LE shanghai dragon, TB scarlet dillo, TB unique red longevity, Ohm dirty monkey, unique red ornament, unique red ornament, TB buddha (retired), TB red stripe, TB unique red ornament.

  • Alice Wonder

    It is a very beautiful bracelet. I love how it is all combined together. Glass is amazing here.