X by Trollbeads Spring 2014 Bite Review

xbytrollbeads-bloom-x-bite-bracelet2Shortly following the first part of my review on the X by Trollbeads Spring 2014 Bloom x Bite, this post will discuss the other half of the release which include the animal themed links (Bite).  I was extremely happy with the most recent collection from this brand, and as is apt for the season the focus was on nature, both flora and fauna.  Out of the 10 new designs, 6 of them featured animals of all shapes and sizes: Bug Me, Slow Down, Nesting, Hummingbird, Loving Flamingos, and Silly Dolphins.

My favorites from this set are Nesting, Slow Down, Hummingbird, and Bug Me, mostly because of the added floral details on these links.  Nesting has a rather sizable nest of eggs in the center of the link with leaves along the edges.  Slow Down is a tongue in cheek reference to the slowly plodding snail with tiny flower buds surrounding him.  The slightly contorted Hummingbird looks a bit odd as one part of the double link is the bird’s body and the other side features a flower that he is trying to get the nectar out of.  Bug Me is a simple design which shows off a fly in the center of the piece.

Loving Flamingos and Silly Dolphins don’t appeal to me as much as the rest of the collection, but they’re still cute designs.  Both show pairs of animals cavorting about.  The flamingos are standing at attention and is one of the harder designs to shoot as the two birds are facing back to back (I’ve tried to capture this detail).  The dolphins are jumping in and out of the water in their typical playful fashion, and there are actually 4 dolphins on either side.

xbytrollbeads-promotionAll the pieces in this collection are double links, which is a nice change from the single link releases in the past two seasons.   The double links are approximately 2 cm in length when combined with other links, and while a bit more costly than the single links, they do much more of an impact too. I added these silvers with the bronze links for a two-tone look, but without the high price of gold. Don’t forget that for the rest of the month, there is an X by Trollbeads promotion going on – buy $100 and receive 10 rubber links for free!  My recommended X dealer is Trollbead Boutique and they do offer free shipping.

What do you think of this collection?  Which link is your favorite?