X Jewellery Spring 2017 Collection

Apologies for the long absence!  It seems life just keeps getting in the way, and things start sliding to the right confused.  Thanks for the kind emails asking about my whereabouts, I’m still kicking!  I’ll be trying to update the blog by postdating to the release dates, so hopefully this information is not stale yet.   A lot happens in a month in the charms jewelry world, so let’s get right to it!

x-jewellery-spring-2017-cover1X Jewellery released a new collection after a short hiatus with a lovely and colorful set perfect for spring.  It’s titled Under the Palm Trees and there are 2 rubber links, 2 silver single links, and 2 bronze double links.  They’re called Palm Leaf, Wave, Melody, Eternity, Soft Apricot, and Pale Green.  I love the pastels for this season but it still features lively colors.

x-jewellery-spring-2017-cover3After a few years of this line being on the market, it still feels fresh and interesting – there’s nothing else quite like it!  This season’s bracelets remind of tropical getaways, so it’s no surprise that that I am quite taken with these designs.  These links can be purchased directly from the official website, have you taken a look at this new release yet?

  • jae

    So happy you are back!!! I trust you have just been busy, not dealing with anything stressful-I enjoy your blog bcz you provide dates, prices, and all the juicy details I need 🙂 I’ve never really liked the x line but these pastel colours are my favs so might have to indulge-Thanks, Leann