X Jewellery Spring 2016 Sneak Peek

X_Jewellery_Spring2016_Product_Images.inddContrasting with the very early debut of the Trollbeads spring collection, X Jewellery is coming out with a late Spring 2016 release.  The launched will be April 18th and is another smaller collection.  It features 2 new rubber link colors, 2 silver links, and two bronze pieces.  The names are Pastel Violet, Graphite Grey, Risk It, Be Real, bronze Flow single, and bronze Flow lock.

I’m incredibly excited by these additions since I am a huge fan of this line.  I love the new colors which offers both girly and unisex options.  The silver links are very edgy while the bronze Flow is more feminine.  Flow is one of my favorite designs and I’m happy to see a new variation in the single link.

I can’t wait for this release and to get the links for my expanding X collection!  Do you like these designs?

  • Beverly

    I think I’ll like the grey links, but I’ll need to see the two silvers IRL. The bronze flow lock is long overdue and very pretty. The bronze single flow link looks like it will hurt my wrist or snag my knit clothing. This is a nice collection, especially for those who love the pastel rubber links.