X Jewellery Retirement

x-jewellery-retirement-coverToday brings news of X Jewellery’s first retirement and a price reduction! This is an official list and the designs have already been discontinued.  Retailers will sell through their remaining stocks and then they will be gone for good.  Presumably, the retiring links are the ones that do not sell well, so for some it’s not a surprise.

All the pendants and Asian cords are getting the axe; I did not include a picture of the Asian cords but all the colors will no longer be available.  The pendants were very expensive, so probably not the most popular in the line.  All the Chinese zodiacs are going away, as well as the three characters from the traditional Commedia dell’arte.  I’m most sad over the double link designs as they include one of my favorites – Halloween.

As for the price reduction, the color rubber links have gone down from $2USD to $1.2USD and the LE color links will become part of the regular collection.  The biggest discounts are for the single links and bronze links with pretty significant price cuts of up to 50%.  Not much difference for the double links and clasps, but still a little drop for some of the designs.  The decrease varies, so I’m not going to list each one individually, but it’s definitely worth taking a look if you’ve been considering this brand or adding to your collection!  Are you sad and/or excited for the news?

  • Wronda

    Hi, do you know what retailers are selling the discounted links? I’m interested but don’t see the discounts on the sites I checked. Thanks!