X Jewellery Holiday 2015 Collection Release

x-jewellery-holiday-2015-cover2Today is the debut of the X Jewellery Holiday 2015 Collection! It’s likely the last release of the year and we see the addition of a delicious color for the rubber links and also 2 copper decorative links.  It’s a small set and there are three new pieces called Bordeaux, Rendezvous, and Now.

X Jewellery has introduced love motif links for previous holidays so this collection is right in line with that.  The color theme is very warm which is great when the weather is turning so chilly.  The Bordeaux is a rich wine color and the copper is an affordable alternative to gold.  Only Rendezvous is a new design, whereas Now is also available in silver too.

There are also two ready to wear bracelets called Now and Rendez-Vous.  Now includes both the new copper links, a full strand of Bordeaux links, and a copper clasp for $151USD; and the Rendez-Vous has the brand new Rendezvous bronze link, Bordeaux links, and a copper clasp for $109USD.  Are you interested in these new pieces?


  • JanafromPrague

    I wanted to see them IRL today but my Trollbeads store does not have them yet 🙁

  • Sharon

    Wonderful, I was hoping for a similar colour, so I’m really pleased with this. I just took delivery of the brown and khaki (which I love) last month, so this is really welcome. Kris Kindle suggestion I think!

  • Nereida Ammari

    This is my favorite color to date. I will absolutely be purchasing them.