X by Trollbeads Release Event

XbyTrollbeadsI’m still basking in the glow of the Trollbeads Autumn 2013 Collection released just last week.  But if you’re a Trollbeads fan, then you’re probably aware of the upcoming super secret new line from the brand titled, X by Trollbeads.  Few details are known regarding this collection and I’ve speculated previously that this is going to be a link-chain bracelet style resembling the traditional charm bracelet, although no information has been made available and even retailers haven’t been told.  The release date is September 18th (which is in one week!) with an launch party the night before in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What we do know is that, “X by Trollbeads is a completely new product line and differs from its normal charm and bracelet range.” In an interview given to Jeweller Magazine, Karin Adcock (former President of Pandora Australia) owner of jewelry distributor House of Brands commented,

“All I can say is that it’s completely new and unique and that it’s been developed by Trollbeads to be very different to their normal charms and bracelets range.”

The only other tidbit the article gave was that the new X by Trollbeads would be distributed by secondary sources, apart from the existing companies that handle the main Trollbeads collection.

“It’s very different and nothing like the charm and bracelets so, Trollbeads in Denmark decided that in most of the international territories it would be best to secure and broaden their distribution by appointing secondary suppliers,” Scanlan [Trollbeads’ current Australian distributor] said.

Therefore, it’s not clear whether current Trollbeads retailers will also be carrying X, but hopefully all current local dealers will be given the opportunity to offer the products.  Mysterious launches seem to be in vogue as Trollbeads is not the only company doing a cloak and dagger collection this season, but that’s all I’ll say on that for the moment ;). To keep up to date on any X by Trollbeads developments, you can sign up for email notifications through their website.

In addition to the global launch party held in Copenhagen on September 17th, the US will also be hosting an X by Trollbeads ceremony in New York City on the official release day.  I am honored and over the moon to receive an invitation to attend the unveiling event hosted by Nicholas Aagaard!!  Team Charms Addict will be covering both the panel and offering an initial review of the products here on the blog and live tweeting from our Twitter account, so be sure to follow us for up to date news. Are you excited for X?  What do you hope it’s going to be?


  • rainey

    It doesn’t sound as though anyone would be able to use the TBs they already own in conjunction with the X stuff then. That makes me apprehensive about investing in it and setting myself up for major expenses all over again… But I’ll keep an open mind and hope to be as delighted as I’ve been with the recent stuff that’s come out for conventional TBs. ; >

    • Leann

      It definitely sounds like a completely different system that you wouldn’t be able to interchange regular beads with. I hope it’s as amazing as they’ve driven the hype up to be. My expectations always get the better of me and I end up disappointed a lot of the times; and boy are my expectations up! 😉

  • Laura

    Off topic….but for anyone still looking, Charm Junction restocked their royal baby carriage charms today! They say this is the last batch they’re going to get and expect them to go quickly. Still had them as of 5:40 est. $75 and free shipping! Awesome, since most are going for ~$120 on eBay!!!

    • Leann

      Thanks for the tip, Laura :). Glad you got yours!

  • Julia Trubitsyna

    Oh! Just a week left!!!!!

    • Leann

      I’ve been so excited about the event, I can hardly sleep! Wednesday cannot come soon enough! XD

  • Ashley

    I’m soooooooo curious to see what X by Trollbeads is all about. Hopefully, something so magnificent it’ll make Pandora just a little bit nervous! 🙂 hehe I love to instigate.

    • Leann

      I’m curious to see it too! It’ll be real interesting to see what they think of as revolutionary. 😉

  • Kimberly

    Leann, while you are in New York City for the X event, hopefully you can make time to visit Trollbeads brand new concept store – 1016 6th Avenue between 37th and 38th streets. They have both Trollbeads and X.

    • Leann

      I’ll try but we’re taking a red eye and I’ve only got a couple hours in the city then it’s back on the plane! 🙂

  • Andy g

    Expect open bead like links that hook into each other. Incorporating black rubber/neoprene.

    Also on the horizon……

    Pandora to release a brand new bracelet concept before Christmas. Only to be available in Pandora Concept stores until 2014.

    • Leann

      Thanks for the tips! It’s going to be a very exciting fall ;).