Welcome to Trollbeads Spring 2013

trollbeads-spring-2013-inspirational-bracelet1Fast on the heels of the Valentine Love dangle surfacing on Trollbeads Universe, a sneak peek for Trollbeads Spring 2013 collection has become available!  These delicious new photos dropped into my inbox this morning thanks to a fan and I have been marveling at the awesome new beads in store for us this next season.  Trollbeads always sets a surprisingly early release day for their spring release and this year is no different.  The Spring Collection will be released on January 25th, 2013 which is less than 4 weeks away!  There are 16 silver charms including 2 dangles, 2 gold charms, 2 glass kits, 1 gemstone, 2 pendants, 2 locks, and 4 new leather bracelet colors.

trollbeads-spring-2013-beach-beadsThe themes for this spring are overwhelmingly of the beach and sea, including a number of marine animals.  The styling for these charms seem like a continuation of the Christmas 2012 animals: the polar bears, seals, and penguin charms.  The coral branch is a must for me, the asymmetrical design is such a hallmark of Trollbeads; I love the jaggedness of it!  The seahorses are also high on my wishlist as well – it looks like the creatures are mirroring each other so the charm can be seen from both sides.

trollbeads-spring-2013-garden-themeAnother motif featured in this collection are things that live in the garden, which I am so excited to see.  My eye was drawn immediately to the big butterfly, which can be worn on both a bracelet and necklace.  It’s such an intricately made statement piece that I can’t wait to try it on in person!  My long-time readers will know how much I love floral and nature themed charms, so of course the blossom and elderflower are going to be some of the first charms I get from this release.

trollbeads-spring-2013-lifestyle-beadsNow, I’m a bit confused on this next set of charms.  The house I understand; it looks like it will be two pieces just like the Christmas Tree and interlock to create this three dimensional look.  The Mermaid and Seaman are whimsical and is another addition to Trollbeads fairy tale line of charms.  But the Holding onto Love?  Breakfast?  Holding onto Love looks like a couple reaching across a broken heart…not something I would personally want to commemorate, but to each their own.  Breakfast is just weird to me, I guess if you love breakfast, this is the bead for you.

trollbeads-spring-2013-gold-gemstone-beadsThe 2 gold charms are recast from the silvers in this release, so no surprise there.  I’m really curious to see the agate dendritic; as with all gemstone beads, this one will vary in shade and inclusions of other minerals in the bead so it’ll definitely have to be an in-person purchase.

trollbeads-spring-2013-valentine-loveThe charm that started this mudslide of treats is also joined by another dangle, the Valentine Love Purple.  Since Trollbeads has specifically identified these by color, I’m thinking that they will not be uniques, but just additions to the collection of silver & glass beads.  These beads are slotted for a later release day on February 1st, for Valentine’s Day.

trollbeads-spring-2013-animal-locksI’m always hoping for more locks so the fact that there’s going to be 2 new clasps with the spring release just made my day!  Along with the silver beads, these locks carry over the marine animal theme and adds a dolphin lock and seahorse lock to the line.  I’m glad to see that these two locks feature smooth and unadorned small ends since I’ve been having a rather hard time with the berries lock which have the budded protrusions all over the clasp.

There will be 2 new glass kits with the new collection and surprisingly more muted colors than what I would expect for spring.  Usually spring is filled with rebirth and regrowth so brighter colors would be more appropriate, but these beads do carry a beach-y theme.  The Rocky Beach kit has an earthy and sandy palette, which should complement the retired Picasso Jaspers very well.  The Happy Summer kit is cheerful enough with complementary shades of blue, red, peach, and pink that remind me of the sand and beach balls.  The feelings that these two kits evoke are a bit dichotomous for me so I guess I will reserve judgment until I see them in the flesh.


trollbeads-spring-2013-happy-summer-kit trollbeads-spring-2013-rocky-beach-kit

Rounding out this preview post are the new jewelry pieces from Trollbeads.  I love the Elderflower pendant – it matches the Elderflower charm exactly and is a splitter which can be used with the Fantasy Necklaces.  The dolphin pendant can be worn with a bead threaded through the center of the charm, and has the same styling as the Ballerinas pendant.  I’ve only recently gotten a Trollbeads leather bracelet, but from all reports the strands stretch easily so I’ve only worn mine sparingly.  They’re very inexpensive so I guess it doesn’t hurt as much when you need to get another.   4 new additions to the leather bracelets and these are a more toned down version compared to the current selection.  The colors remind me of fall more than spring, but should be more versatile to wear and coordinate than the bright colors that are currently available.

That’s it for the Spring 2013 collection!  What are your must-haves?


  • Trish T. Pandota

    Thank you so much once again for being so informative. I am in love with the butterfly. If you get more pics on a bracelet or as pendant would love to see!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Trish, the butterfly is $84. The featured picture has a nice shot of the big butterfly. Love it!!

  • Ash

    Soo many silvers I want!!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      They’re so pretty, aren’t they, Ash? 🙂

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  • rainey

    I will want the Edelweiss bead. And I can see a couple glass beads that I know I will want to investigate.

    I’m intrigued by the one in the Rocky Beach set that appears to have an irregular surface. About time they experimented with texture apart from the odd budded bead!

    I think the large butterfly could get very annoying on a bracelet getting snagged and snagging things. Might be better on a necklace.

    I was looking forward to the seahorse and starfish beads but I think the RedBaliFrog seahorse is much better and I’ll keep waiting for the right starfish.

    The locks look too childish to me. And I’m sick to death of glass dangles tho I will admit that the heart-shaped finial is cute. I just think it’s high time for some silver dangles.

    • rainey

      I meant the Elderflower bead is what I’m excited about.

      I don’t wear necklaces so the Edelweiss splitter isn’t of any use to me.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Completely my mistake – both the pendant and bead are named elderflower; I was so excited when I got these pics that I totally misread the name! I love the elderflower too. If you like textured beads, Rainey, I highly recommend the beach kit, it has a couple really cool glass beads. 🙂


    Leann, thanks for sharing , I really love this blog, it gets me planning for my next bracelet and charms……keep up the wonderful work….:)

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Thanks, Margie!

  • Jennifer

    I like the butterflies, edelweiss, and agate. Even the house a bit. The glass colors aren’t that appealing to me (yet!). I am still collecting the green beads right now, though, so I am in a different frame of mind. 🙂

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I can’t argue with that! Love greens myself ;).

  • Jeanne

    It’s interesting that there’s an Edelweis since a bead by that name was also in the Switzerland World Tour, but it looks different. Any insight on that?

    I must have the agate! One thing I love about TB is the natural stones. All my life I have dug around in streams looking for pretty rocks, and now I can have them on a bracelet!

    I also love the Rocky Beach Kit, but I’m long on brown tones right now so I will probably wait to get this.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      My mistake! It’s actually called “Elderflower” – in my excitement I totally misread the name :).

  • Veronica

    Oh Leann, I am DYING over the Happy Summer Kit + the Seahorse clip, just beautiful and fun!! Oh what am I going to do 🙂 🙂 lol!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      They are so fun! Lots on my wishlist with this release ;).

  • http://cobalt-beads.blogspot.com Gosialein

    I’m surprised by the butterfly – it sort of doesn’t quite match the rest of the beads concerning shape and the general design, but who knows? perhaps it’ll look good on necklaces?

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      It is definitely a statement piece. I hope it won’t be too cumbersome to wear on a bracelet – I think it would be to-die-for!

  • Angela

    Thanks Leann,
    Thanks so much,very happy to see the new collection.I actually like both glass kits, there are several on my list.Not impressed with the new locks,I know they are going with the Beach theme,but I agree they are childish,they could have been bolder stronger pieces.That Butterfly will be the accent piece on my Summer bracelet.I just love the garden theme,I was hoping for another flower lock.
    I have the Ballerina pendant and I love it,it lays well on my bracelet even when iI am wearing several bracelets.I am not into Dolphins,but would be awesome on a bracelet or as pendant especially with a prism as the inner bead.Can’t wait for the 25th. Garden catalogues and new beads what could be more fun.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I love the garden themed beads too, Angela! This release is not going to be good for my checkbook. 😉

  • April

    What possessed TB to do a breakfast bead?! Is it the morning after the night before?! Is he being sick?The person next to him looks depressed! Wish the seahorse wasn’t so “cutie” looking but it’s growing on me. Liking the two tone leather bracelets.

    • rainey

      Well, at least the inscrutable Breakfast bead fits in with the mood of Hooray-We’re-Getting-a-Divorce-So-Have-a-Bead bead. =o

      • April

        That bead does remind me of someone splitting up! Again, what are TB thinking here?!

      • http://charmsaddict.com Leann


    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I asked myself the same question, April. Lol.

      • Debbie

        I don’t get the breakfast bead at all…. is the chap smoking or is that a thermometer and he’s taking his temp because he’s feeling poorly?!

        With the “holding onto love” – is the lady a mermaid, it’s hard to see from the picture if her bottom half is a fishy tail or part of the heart? But that would make more sense with the mermaid and seaman bead – perhaps a love that’s not meant to be, or a love that is worth fighting for. I feel better now if that is what is meant as the sentiment, as the thought of a break-up bead was not filling me with joy!

      • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

        I don’t think that’s a mermaid…I think the lady’s body is just turning into the heart. 🙁

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the review Leann. Lots more to add to my already long wish list LOL.

    I particuarly like the rocky beach kit, and love the shape of the pebbles bead. It reminds me of poking about in rock pools with my bucket and spade as a kid. I used to drive my Dad mad, collecting lots of pebbles and bits of washed up glass, and insisting on taking a bucket load home with me. On the way home the bucket always tipped over spilling pebbles everywhere! This kit will bring back some very happy memories of those summer holidays.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      How perfect, Debbie! 🙂

  • Jennifer Essad

    I see a much more contemporary look in this release – I have collected every sea/ocean related bead up until now – not really sure til I see in person. Are they holding prices on beads, hopefully there won’t be any increases.

  • Sharon

    Okay this is a kind of belated reaction – I sort of agreed with your take on Holding Onto Love when I first read it above, Leann. But my husband passed away suddenly earlier this month… I didn’t think of beads for weeks & when I finally emerged enough to think of them again, I don’t know, this was the bead I kept thinking about, as a final bead for him on my bracelets (because the Novobeads bride & groom & most of the other ones I had planned to commemorate him in life…just don’t feel right at the moment. Maybe in the future…?) Not trying to garner sympathy but just wanted to share, uh yeah, I found a reason why someone would want Holding Onto Love. And I really wish that reason didn’t apply to me. But my little bead addiction offers some happiness during a really really difficult & sad time.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I am so so sorry for your loss, Sharon. That is a beautiful reason for the Holding onto Love charm – I hadn’t really given it too much thought and it was my first reaction to the piece.