Waxing Poetic Tiny Lights Collection

waxing-poetic-tiny-lightsOne of the many designs that caught my eye when I was browsing Waxing Poetic is their Tiny Lights Collection.  Made of colored quartz and sterling silver, the Tiny Lights are the perfect accent for any bracelet.  I initially picked out three, but they’re really hard to resist and I’d love to get the rest of the colors too.  They’re available in Clear, Blue, Olive, Pink, Black, Violet, and Red; I couldn’t resist the Olive, and the Black and Clear are classically versatile.


The quartz is capped by a free-flowing dollop of silver, but to me it resembles tiny leaves.  The stone is faceted on both sides which gives them an extra bright sparkle.  These charms are much smaller than the normal Waxing Poetic pieces, which makes them ideal as a spot of color for the dangles cluster.  Their size also allows them to be extra compatible for Pandora bracelets, and other brands that have a smaller profile.

Waxing Poetic charms have large hoops that fit on any type of bracelets and looks great on Trollbeads especially.  The Tiny Lights are very reasonable at $26 each.  This brand can be purchased from Goldmine Jewelry Shoppe, and just a couple weeks ago Perlen started carrying this brand; I was so happy to hear that now there’s an international presence for Waxing Poetic, which is great news!  However, they only carry a limited selection of this line, so if you like the Tiny Lights you should let them know.  Do you like this style?

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  • FairObjective

    Leann…*love* these little sparkling lights, and they’re perfectly sized. The olive colored one would be perfect on my spring bracelet, and I can think of a million uses for the other colors as well. The silver on top really does look like leaves, doesn’t it? Bonus. Take care – Kim7

    • Leann

      Yay, I’m glad you like it! The olive is so cute. I love the other colors too ;). Oh when will my wish list end?!

      • FairObjective

        I hear you, Leann! Sometimes I think it’s not a good idea for me to read about all these great products; *way* too many fun options. All the possibilities make my head hurt sometimes, as I watch my wish list get ridiculously out of hand. **Sigh**.

      • Leann

        Guilty! I’m a terrible enabler ;).