Waxing Poetic Poetic Flacon Collection

waxing-poetic-poetic-flacon-coverWaxing Poetic is known for their chunky dangles and today I’m featuring a few of my favorites from the line called the Poetic Flacons Collection.  The pieces incorporate bronze and silver metals to create a two-tone look while still being affordable.  Flacons are small decorative bottles and that is exactly what this set is.  There are currently three styles of bottles: Amor No.1, Eau de Poetic, and L’Air de Coeur.


The Poetic Flacons feature textures resembling the pressed glass bottles that they’re inspired by, and this is especially true of the L’Air de Coeur.  The dangles are available in either all silver or bronze, and I picked the bronze version because I like the contrast better.  Each piece is hung from the neck of the bottle and they are definitely focal pendants – I’ve been wearing mine with the Collector Charm Catcher necklace. Amor No.1 has a square base and is the tallest in the set; Eau de Poetic is circular and resembles a tiny perfume bottle; and L’Air de Coeur is the widest and my favorite of the three.

Waxing Poetic dangles fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora and Trollbeads, but for these I would recommend a necklace.  They’re beautifully detailed and I love that they look like perfume (even though they can’t be opened or contain scent).  The brand can be purchased from their official website, Goldmine Jewelry Shoppe, and Perlen. Do you wear your Waxing Poetic on your bracelet or necklace?