Waxing Poetic Pet Charms

waxing-poetic-fur-baby-charms-coverMother’s Day is tomorrow and in anticipation, I’m reviewing a few pet and dog charms from Waxing Poetic that I use for my fur baby as his dog mommy.  I don’t have children yet so he’s my only baby so far.  Beau is 6 years old this year and I’ve had him since he was 4 months old.  I can’t imagine loving him any more than if he was a human child.  That’s why I’m always on the look out for charms to represent him, and I was so excited to see a great selection from Waxing Poetic for this theme.

The Paw dangle is part of the Camp Charm Collection, which were designed to resemble merit badges or uniform pins and is available in a wide variety of symbols and motifs.  It is mainly brass with silver accents and hoop.  The Loyalest Friend, one of the Utmost Friendship series, is a shiny silver heart with a brass rivet at the top.  The back is blank and can be used to engrave a name or message.  Since dogs are considered our loyalest companions, I thought this was apt to represent my baby.

The St. Francis medal is one of the Heavenly Helpers set – these feature saints and the areas in our life that they are said to protect.  St. Francis is the patron saint of animals so he’s asked upon to protect our pets and guard us from evil.  The back of the piece is engraved with “St. Francis Protect My Pet”, which is such a heartfelt sentiment.  Lastly, I choose the B from the Crest Insignia line, since I always call him my little B and these are one of the smaller initial pendants.

Waxing Poetic charms have large hoops which can be used with any bracelet type including Trollbeads and Pandora.  A couple of these can be used as accents on any bracelet design.  The brand also offers a wide selection of bracelets and necklaces, so I decided to wear my pet dangles on the Medium Rolo chain.  Waxing Poetic can be purchased from Goldmine Jewelry Shoppe or Perlen for international readers.  Do you use charms to represent your pet(s)?


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  • jae

    Oh, yes-My first was ‘cat on a cushion’ from Pandora-Then I bought the other single cat, the double cats (sooo cute with their tails forming a heart), the bunny-Somewhere along the way, I discovered OHM had bunnies & cats as did Redbalifrog & Troll-I guess I should get a dog to represent my son’s dog since I take care of him most of the time 🙂 Love my pets and wish everyone would spay/neuter so all pets would have loving homes

    • Leann

      Our pets are family, only makes sense we would want to represent them on our bracelets ;). Sounds like you have a very full house! That’s nice of you to take care of your son’s dog ;).

  • FairObjective

    Leann, Waxing Poetic makes touching, heartfelt charms for the loved ones in our lives. Beau is a lucky little fellow to have a mama who loves him so much! Happy Mother’s Day, and take care…Kim

    • Leann

      That’s the perfect way to describe this brand. Thank you so much! I’m very lucky to have him in my life. We took advantage of the gorgeous day to go to the park and throw the ball around. He loved it! 🙂

      • FairObjective

        Sounds like the perfect way to spend a sunny, fun day! My doggies love to go to the park and run around also! Take care, and nightie-night…Kim

      • Leann

        Yes, he was in seventh heaven ;). I’m just happy he’s tired, when he’s got excess energy that’s when he gets into trouble!