Waxing Poetic Nestel Leather Bracelets Review

waxing-poetic-nestel-leather-braceletsFor their Mother’s Day 2014 Collection, Waxing Poetic introduced a brand new bracelet option to their wide selection of jewelry. The Nestel Leather Bracelets come in a variety of colors: Ebony, Bisque, Saddle, Berry, Navy, and Orchid. They are double wrap bracelets and for now only come in 15 inches (which is about 7.5″ size).  I was really excited for this product as a great alternative to showing off the Waxing Poetic charms.  I ended up getting two of these and they stack so well together. 


I picked the incredibly versatile Ebony and the on-trend Orchid color for my double wrap Nestel Leather Bracelets.  The great thing about these is the silver clasp; not only is it magnetic, once it snaps together you can twist one end to lock it for a secure hold.  The leather is 4 mm in width, so is not thick enough to hold the charms in place, so the dangles do slide around on the bracelet.  The bracelets are buttery soft and so comfortable to wear – this is my preferred combination for the summer! 

The leather bracelets are not compatible with other charms brands, but they can also be worn without the dangles for a casual look.  Waxing Poetic can be purchased from Goldmine Waxing Poetic or Perlen, both offering free international shipping.  Do you like leather bracelets?  How do you wear your Waxing Poetic?


  • Janet L.

    In your opinion Leann, how do these compare with the Story by Kranz & Ziegler leather bracelets?…I have recently been looking at the Story leather but these are less expensive so I’d love to hear your take! 🙂

    • Leann

      They’re not as thick, I don’t know if I would compare the two. The Story ones are usually triple wrap so they can be worn as necklaces too. These are very nice but closer to Pandora leather bracelets.

      • Charmer

        Hi Leann,
        I was wondering the same thing. Though I plan on taking advantage of the Pandora July promo as I have a lot of charms on my wish list from the Mother’s Day and Summer collections, I do not think I will be happy with the Pandora leathers for all of the reasons you and others have previously posted. I would like to be able to wear the bracelet without having to worry about it wearing out so quickly. So I was temped by the pictures you posted here for Waxing Poetic and by your other posts on Story. I think based on what you are saying, Story may be the better choice. It sounds like it is a bit more substantial and will wear better. I have a store near me that carries Story so I am excited to check these out. Thanks for your reviews!

      • Leann

        I’m not a fan of the Pandora leather bracelets, as I don’t think they’re good for continuous use. Story is a great products, you should definitely check them out!

  • Sandy

    Hi Leann! Have you tried to fit the waxing Poetic dangles on the story Bracelets? I love my Story 3 wrap black lambskin bracelet. I wrap it with the story faceted onyx bracelet. I was lucky to find these on sale at half price recently. I have no charms for hem yet, and would love to have some waxing poetic dangles. I love them for their style, the two toned metal, and their price point. I can’t find a Waxing Poetic retailer in British Columbia at which to try these charms on. The Waxing poetic charms do look nice!

    • Leann

      I will double check, but I think they should! I’ll report back tonight :).

  • Paula Marchi de Medeiros

    Can you fit Pandora beads in those? I want a Christmas bracelet in a redish leather cord! But I definitely don’t like the Pandora one!