Waxing Poetic Mother’s Day Charms

waxing-poetic-mothers-day-braceletWaxing Poetic debuted their Mother’s Day Collection last month and was very well received.  Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner, I thought to review a few pieces from their this collection and currently in the line that fit celebrating moms.  From the new release, I picked out the Royal Mom Crown, Po-E-Tree, and the Pacific Opal Luxe Vitae.  I’ll also discuss the Mom Biography, To Mom With Love collection (Adoragraphic Heart, Heartstruck, and Illustrated Sentimedal). While I don’t have any kids yet, these charms can also be used to represent and commemorate your own mother too.

Most of the dangles from this brand feature not only sterling silver but with accents of brass for a two-tone look.  Starting with the new charms, one of my favorite sets is the Po-E-Tree, a cute play on poetry, this piece is a large tree with 1-5 brass apples to match how many family members you have (I assume you don’t count yourself, but it’s a personal interpretation). So I picked the two apple Po-E-Tree for my husband and fur baby.  The Royal Mom Crown is lavishly designed with brass detailing to highlight the beautiful flourishes in the center of the crown and “mom” is embossed at the bottom.  The Pacific Opal Luxe Vitae is a brilliant splash of color and has an amazing iridescence, so while the main color is seafoam, there’s flashes of white, blue, and yellow.

The Biography series is one of my favorites from Waxing Poetic, which follows closely the Storybook Pages which they resemble somewhat. The Biography charms, as the name suggests, is in the form of a book and the Mom Biography represents the journey of motherhood.  Adoragraphic Heart and Heartstruck are both lovely charms with “MOM” highlighted on them, but the Adoragraphic Heart is quite large.  Illustrated Sentimedal is the biggest dangle of this set, and it reminds me of an oval mirror.  The pendant is framed with brass embellishments on the top and bottom; it seems more like a commemorative piece to me.

I decided to showcase these charms on the Ongoing Ballad bracelet which has 6 individual carabineer links and is easy to switch charms on and off.  These designs are perfect to express your love and gratitude for your mother or to mark your own motherhood.  The complete line can be purchased from Goldmine Jewelry Shoppe (and they offer free shipping worldwide), and a selection of jewelry is also available at Perlen.  Do these Mother’s Day themed charms appeal to you?

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  • Vanessaqq

    I like the Po-E-tree very much. Bought one for my mom, one for me. I do count myself in as an apple on the o-E-tree though. There is another one I love, love nest. Very Cute and lovely.

    • Leann

      Very cool! I love the nest too, it’s similar style and for that one I think I choose 3 hearts, haha. I don’t think it makes too much of a difference ;).

  • Vanessaqq

    Buying Waxing Poetic charms from Perlen seems cost a little bit more than buying directly from their official website. There are several retired items (sale) which are very lovely. Such as Flutterby ring, my little baby son always says yes when I ask him if he likes it. Well, he is a very picky person, he says No almost all the time.

    • Leann

      Oh is that right? Did you sign in to take off the VAT tax? I sometimes forget and then get shocked at the prices, lol. Yes, they’ve got sales on their retired items which makes it nice to purchase from the main website!