Unique Pandora Lariat (fabric string) Tutorials

pandora-fabric-string-braidingOne of the many requests I have been asked and a frequent search on the blog is for ways to use the Pandora color cords/fabric string/lariats.  Just as there are many names for this product, it’s versatility is only limited by your imagination.  As I’m not particularly creative in this regard, I was looking forward to the “How to Tie the Knot” workshop that was held on the Pandora Cruise this year.  During last year’s, we learned a few neat tricks and I demonstrated how to make the infinity knot.  I also have an entire page dedicated to this concept under the “How To” category on the main menu, called How to Tie a Lariat.

Unfortunately, while it was a good workshop for experimenting with the color cord, it did not introduce any more complicated designs.  To that end, I came across an incredibly talented Pandora fan on their Facebook page recently and she has a number of incredibly cool methods to use the fabric strings that I thought would be helpful.  These instructions and pictures are courtesy of Val Rusak, so a big thank you!  Follow the directions for a unique look with your fabric string:
pandora-lariat-tutorial-chain-stitchA. Chain Stitch Lariat

Ladies, here it is, the simplest braiding technique you have ever seen:
1. make a loose knot
2-3. make a new loop right after it and put it thru the first knot
4. pull on it to tighten up the first knot, but don’t do any of them too tight, leave a little air ))
5. make this knew loop a little smaller for your own convenience, and, again, make another loop right after it and put thru previous one
6. tighten, make a little smaller…
7-8. keep on going till the end of the string
9. Now the pleasant part – if you didn’t like the result or would like to try double string now, just pull on the end of the lariat!

pandora-lariat-tutorial-zig-zagB. Zig Zag Lariat

Ladies, here’s the step-by-step for the zigzag design. Basic knot is the same one used in my first tutorial except this time you tie 3 knots in a row from left to right and then back. You tie the first one as if you only had 2 strings, then you take second string and instead of tieing it back to the first one, you tie it to the third one. And then you do it again with 3rd and 4th strings. Next, make the knot between them again this time to opposite side. And keep going from right to left.

My advise if you decide to make it – don’t tie the strings too tight, or else the bracelet will have a tendency to roll into a tube and pattern won’t be visible. As you noticed on pic 8 & 9, you can easily incorporate dangles on a chosen side.

Another note: when you fold the strings in half to start the bracelet, make sure to have two ends (in my case 1 purple and 1 pink) about 10 cm longer (so technically the strings won’t be divided in the middle but closer to one end). And place the short ends on two sides and long ones in the middle. Trust me on this one.  🙂

pandora-lariat-tutorial-wrapperC. Wrapper Lariat

a. Take two cords (preferebly 2 diff colors), fold one in half (pink) and one twice (purple). Tie a knot on top of the one that’s folded twice, it will be the core of your bracelet.
b-c-d. Wrap the other cord around the core just under the knot, connect the strings in the back and pull them to the front and to the right (or left, totally up to you ))).
e-f. Now wrap it around the chosen side of the core and bring it to the middle and on top of the other side of the core. Keep it wrapping!))
g-h. You can hook some dangle charms along the way. When I did it fist time I used open works charm in the middle. In this case just pull all 6 strings thru the charm and continue wrapping)
i. There you have it!

D. To Infinity and Beyond

This was a couple of bracelets put together for the picture that got it’s name To infinity and beyond. But since it’s really two cords, the instructions were separate. This is also that basic knot that is later used for Zig-zag bracelet.

This was instruction for purple cord:
1. What i usually do is stick a pin into something wooden, fold lariat in half and hang on that pin, so it holds the lariat upright while I am making the bracelet, but for the pictures I just used a clip and to make it easier, tied a very regular knot, to prevent lariat and clip from sliding and messing up the length.
2. The secret of this bracelet knots is that you alway pull on one string and simply wrap the second one around it. It’s just like tieing your usual knot (that you’d use for your shoelaces) but instead of pulling equally on both strings, you pull one down and wrap the other one around it.
3. Then you pull the string that you just wrapped around the first one down, and this time wrap the first string around the second one. If it sounds confusing, just take a lariat and follow the pictures.
4. Now since this is a one-lariat version, you don’t wanna tie it too tight, leave a little space between them so that it has more volume in the end. It’s kinda like an “open works” bracelet!
5-6. Keep on going until the cord is over, or, if your wrist is small, finish early and tie it. Then you can slip on any charms, any amount of them. You don’t have to worry about clips, the charms will stay where they are due to those little knots-bumps.

This was for the pink cord:
1. You don’t actually have to tie that first knot like I did with the purple lariat. I personally find it looking neater without that knot, so I start the bracelet version of the know right away. Remember, fold lariat in half, pull one string down, wrap the other one around..
2. Now pull the second string down, wrap the first one around it.. And so on…
3-4. I also find it more convenient to pick the charms that I wanna put on the bracelets in advance, and while I am making it, put it on my wrist every few knots to see when it’s time to start sliding the charms on it. It’s easier to do it during the process, then to slide them all at the end (again due to those little knots-bumps). But any variant will work!

I hope you’ve found this interesting and I’d love to see your creations on the Facebook page!

  • Xiomara

    Cool. I wonder if the same braiding techniques used for gimp bracelets (from the 80’s) and friendship bracelets could also be used with these? So many possibilities!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Oh yes, I think so. I learned a lot of braiding techniques one summer when I was younger and now I can’t remember any of them :/. Would be great to use with these cords!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1161544089 Bec N James Halliwell

    Whats the black and pink one called in the bottom pic? Black outside and pink inside