Trollbeads Valentine’s Day 2016 Release

trollbeads-valentines-day-2016-ringThe Trollbeads Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection debuts today!  It’s a very small set and includes the Heart Bloom bead, Heart Wave, and the Ring of Change.  The glass bead is limited edition and matches last year’s LE Love Symphony Kit perfectly.  Heart Wave and Ring of Change will be part of the regular Trollbeads line.

Heart Bloom features multi-color hearts and there does not seem to be a lot of variation for these beads.  Heart Line is smaller than I expected and it’s more of a big spacer; both beads fit very comfortably on the Ring of Change.  I plan on offering a more detailed review of this collection shortly so look for that soon!

The Ring of Change is very interesting and I’m going to be experimenting with it further in the coming days.  Depending on what size you pick, you can wear 1 glass bead and possibly another 1 or 2 slim silver charms together.  These pieces are available from the official Trollbeads websitePerlen, and Oromoda.  Are you intrigued by these pieces?


  • Kim

    Idk if I like the glass bead or not because of the black and blue hearts, but I do really like the gold colors in it. The ring just looks odd to me.

    • Leann

      Some of the beads can look more like purple hearts :). The glitter is awesome!

  • Carol

    I adore Trollbeads glass, but I wish that the colors were a bit softer. I’m not a fan of this ring. Definitely not my style. :/

  • Michele

    This is an extra toy if someone want to put their bead on except bracelet, necklace and ear hoop. Can $76 is not my toy.

    • Leann

      The ring is definitely for a focal bead. Something you want to show off! 🙂

  • Jennie Nawara

    I feel like it would be really simple to make your own version of this ring. Interesting idea

  • Ashley

    I’m definitely ordering the beautiful LE Heart Bloom bead but I’m still on the fence about this ring. I love the idea of wearing a bead as a focal point, I don’t care too much for how the ring is constructed to wear a bead though.

  • Beverly

    I’m thinking this ring will look better with a couple of smaller silvers. In my opinion it looks childish with the glass. Definitely not worth $76.