Trollbeads US Price Increase Starts Tomorrow

trollbeads-inspiration-forest-lakeJust a reminder that tomorrow, August 11th, the Trollbeads price increase for the US will take effect.  I gave a general percentage in the last post, but today there’s more details on the exact dollar amount.  It’s about 10% across the board, but there are some exceptions.  I guess it’s not as bad as I expected which is a relief.  The prices are as follows and in USD:

  • Silvers:
    • Price Group 1: $28 ⇒ $31
    • Price Group 2: $44 ⇒ $46
    • Price Group 3: $53 ⇒ $56
    • Price Group 4: $59 ⇒ $63
    • Price Group 5: $68 ⇒ $72
    • Price Group 6: $80 ⇒ $82
  • Stones:
    • Price Group 1: $31 ⇒ $34
    • Price Group 2: $43 ⇒ no change
    • Price Group 3: $63 ⇒ no change
    • Price Group 4 (precious stones): $155 ⇒ $170
  • Glass:
    • Price Group 1: $31 ⇒ $34
    • Price Group 2 (including uniques): $43 ⇒ $46
    • Price Group 3; $63 ⇒ no change
    • Glass Kits (buy 5, get 1 free): $155 ⇒ $170
    • Unique Kits (buy 5, get 1 free): $215 ⇒ $230
  • Amber:
    • Single: $43 ⇒ $46
    • Kits: $215 ⇒ $230

The most significant change for me will be the production glass and uniques categories since I buy those most frequently.  I guess it’s better to see a small increase rather a change in design or quality but it still stings.  Be sure to pick up anything you’ve been dying to get today before the new cost starts tomorrow!  How do you feel about the prices now that the raw numbers are available?

  • Grisell Martinez

    Any news on the starter sets ? Will they be going up in price ?

    • Leann

      I don’t have any information on the starter kits, but if there is an increase I would bet about $5-8.

    • Leann

      No increase on starter sets!

      • Grisell Martinez

        Yes thank you ! Got the bangle bundle

  • Boricuadiva

    Do you know if there is a price increase on X?
    Price increases (however small) without any incentives or purchase offers from brand is quite disappointing- having a special “limited edition” is of no benefit to me as a customer if there is no deal. If I add the fact that my favorite retailer is no longer going to be carrying TB and that every day there are less and less retailers that cary the brand, it looks like my purchases, if any, will be diminishing.

    • Leann

      No price increase on X. It is disappointing but I guess it’s better than if they started changing their designs.

  • Francine

    To add a price increase to an already overprice product is insane to me. I avoid paying full price most often. I have only paid full price for one bead this year it was the “Day Break Blossom” glass bead. Too many dealers giving up the brand that have their stock at 50-75% off to pay full price. There is only one fall bead that I am interested in and I know I will have to pay full price for it but that is just one bead.

    • Leann

      Well, at least you’re taking advantage of the price reductions! I’m really sad to see so many dealers drop the brand.