Trollbeads Traditional Sayings Collection Review

trollbeads-traditional-sayings-collectionThis year’s People’s Bead Contest featured the theme Traditional Sayings; and after a lengthy period, Trollbeads debuted the People’s Bead Traditional Sayings Collection last month.  As with all the years, there was some controversy over the designs but I have to say that this collection has been my favorite by far both in the theme selected and the actual beads.  The charms chosen for this set include: Thoughts, This too, Leopard, Friends, Will, Little Acorns (silver and 18K gold), Sakura, Love is Blind, Silver Lining, and the Night Owl fantasy pendant.  Having already discussed the amazing Night Owl, this review will focus on the beads from the release.

As I mentioned, I was quite surprised by how much I loved this collection and at the top of my list are Thoughts, This too, Will, Friends, and Sakura.  I really like the clean lines of Thoughts, This too, and Will; the meaning behind these designs is undeniably encouraging as well.  Thoughts is a hollow spiral sphere with empty space in between representing the thoughts that cannot be contained.  This too is incredibly simple with the words, “This too shall pass away” on the outside of a ring which is a great reminder that the bad times (and good ones too) are only temporary.  Will is also an openworks charm with a multitude of infinity signs, which is larger than I expected, representing the saying where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Friends features a stack of books and it is a bead that is close to my heart as I spent countless hours reading and getting lost in other worlds while growing up.  Sakura is a small cherry blossom and symbolizes the importance of this flower in Japanese culture.

I also like the Leopard, Little Acorns, and Love is Blind charms as they’re really well detailed, but I prefer them just slightly less than the charms above.  The Leopard is contorted in an odd angle and looks quite uncomfortable to me, however it’s an amazing model of the animal aside from the saying.  Little Acorns is an adorable bead and like the Sakura, is very small.  Love is Blind shows a cat and dog hugging, as these two species are notoriously antagonistical, and it’s a very sweet charm especially if you have cats and dogs as pets.  The only bead that I don’t really like in this collection is the Silver Lining glass, mostly because I don’t really have much to pair with this strikingly bright blue color and I’m not a fan of the white blobs, I mean clouds.  I do like the thought of looking for the positive in any situation, even if that’s difficult for me sometimes.

All in all, this was a very successful collection in my opinion and these really appealed to me.  For those curious as to the core size, This too does fit Pandora although all the beads are not made to accommodate other bracelet styles.  The price ranges from $28 to $53, and my preferred retailer is Goldmine Trollbead Boutique who has their holiday Trunk Show coming up on December 7th along with the Southeast Trollbeads Gala.  With the Silver Lining bead, I stuck with complementary whites including the triple pearls (for pearls of wisdom) for this bracelet full of meaning.  Which design speaks to you?  Have you gotten any of these pieces?


Bead index (starting from left): pearl flower lock, blizzard tassel, white triple pearl, little acorns, unique blue circles, unique blue python, thoughts, milky quartz, WT Japan sakura, this too, blue fantasy, Macrow’s pearl, leopard, silver lining, will, blizzard, friends, beach ball, unique blue cherry blossom, love is blind, LE shibori (retired), unique blue dillo, sakura.

  • Monique

    Hi Leann,
    Thank you for this post. I love the “Friends” charm and wish Pandora would offer a more general book charm for those of us who love reading. I was wondering if this Trollbeads charm will fit on a Pandora bracelet. How do you think it would look next to other Pandora charms?

    • Leann

      You’re welcome! Unfortunately the Trollbeads silvers do not fit on Pandora bracelets. Friends is not too big so it would probably look fine next to Pandora charms.

      • Monique

        Oops! I just ordered this charm from Perlen and only have Pandora bracelets. I may end up keeping it for a future bracelet if I start on Trollbeads one day 🙂 Thanks again!