Trollbeads Tiara Collection

trollbeads-tiara-collection-coverTrollbeads is introducing an exciting new line today with their Tiara Collection!  This is a rather niche product and is an interesting modular take on the tiara.  The tiara is a statement piece, typically reserved for formal affairs, so this collection is really targeted towards the wedding market.  The photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, please do not reproduce without crediting.

This is an amazing set marked by vertical decorative spacers.  You can use any beads in combination but the best ones to pair with seem to be the gemstone and pearls beads.  There are a number of pre-made tiaras but only 4 will be available online (see below).  This collection is not sold at all retailers as it is a niche product but you can find it on the official Trollbeads website.  I love the individual spacers but not sure it would actually work on the bracelet, with the exception of the smaller ones (Leaf spacer and Two Hearts spacer).  Is this a collection you’re thinking of picking up?

  • reginapacis

    I haven’t been a bride for 30 (almost!) years, but I think the Trollbeads Tiara is a clever idea. I wonder if the market for it among the younger women who are generally brides will be bigger in Europe? The idea of always being able to keep a precious piece of your Big Day with you (by wearing the beads from the tiara on your bracelet or neck bangle) is really romantic and charming. Would love to get some inspiration regarding using the longer spacers on a bracelet – could they work on the foxtail bracelets? Glad Trollbeads is coming up with new ideas – the long spacers are real works of the silversmith’s art!

    Thanks for the review, Leann!