Trollbeads Spring 2015 Uniques

trollbeads-spring-2015-unique-coverOne of the key features that constantly keeps my excitement high for Trollbeads is their unique glass.  The brand continuously rotates these beads and there seem to be new designs to chase all the time.  For this season, there is a new set of patterns and this post discusses some of the popular ones.  If you haven’t heard of the unique beads before, check out my Trollbeads Beginner’s Guide.

There are more critters coming out that seem more complicated to create; this includes bees on flowers, peacocks, swans, rabbits, dogs, paw prints, and mice.  The glass seem to have more texture as well with a number of beads showing bumps and other raised designs, which is a bit reminiscent of a really old style of unique.  Trollbeads is also producing patterns that have been extremely popular in the past, like the bumpy ornaments, glitter ornaments, and dillos.  The new handprint bead is really interesting and I’m wondering if they’ll be as sought after as the footprints are.  These photos are courtesy of Trollbeads Delaware – head over to their Facebook page to check out all the new unique designs.

Like many Trollies, I’m always on the hunt for the newest, most popular uniques and it becomes rather exhausting but on the other hand I’m never bored with this brand!  I love critter beads so I definitely had to get all the animal designs, especially the doggie ones like the blue paw print, white dog, and grey dog face to represent my fur baby.  The peacock uniques are so cool and come in black, blue/green, and pink so far, although the pink one reminds me of a flamingo.  I’ve been really digging the music notes as well, and there are two kinds now with a horizontal and vertical style.

These uniques are sold to the retailers in bundles of six, and it’s up to the individuals stores whether they want to split up the kits.  What the dealers have been doing is offering them as kits first but most will end up dividing the glass since customers do not want to purchase all six if there are only 2-3 desirable beads (unless it’s a really hard to find one!).  Trollbeads has been giving a discount on the kits (basically buy 5, get 1 free) similar to their production beads.  If you’re a fan of bead parties, Trollbeads Delaware, Trollbeads NYC, and Trollbeads SouthPark post kits and individual beads on Facebook.  If you like to purchase directly from a website, Trollbeads Gallery, Perlen, and Macrow Exclusive Beads Store lists them on their pages.

What uniques have you been chasing after?  Which of these designs is your favorite?