Trollbeads Spring 2013 silvers

trollbeads-spring-2013-coverTrollbeads released their Spring 2013 collection back at the end of January and I haven’t even been able to think of spring until recently now that the weather is getting just a tad nicer. In addition to the seahorse and dolphin locks, there were also a number of aquatic animals released. I tend to gravitate towards nature themed charms so naturally I got the other part of the collection that focused on flora and fauna so this review will feature the Elderflower, Butterfly Swarm, Blossom, Coral branch, and Mermaid & Seaman.  Of course, the Big Butterfly is a huge attraction from the spring collection which deserves its own review: Trollbeads Big Butterfly Review.

I love Trollbeads for their larger charms and these certainly fit the bill.  The Elderflower captivated me when I first got a look at the spring collection, it reminds me a lot of the Zucchini Flower which is one of my favorite beads.  The placement of the flowers gives it almost a triangular appearance which I really like.  The Blossom consists of miniature flowers formed together into a spherical shape and has holes in between the flowers to give it an open work look.  The Butterfly Swarm is in the same style as the Blossom in that the butterflies are welded together in a ball shape, but there is slightly less space in between the butterflies.  Since the butterfly has a somewhat angular shape, the charm looks more asymmetrical than the Blossom.

Out of the aquatic charms, I picked Mermaid & Seaman and Coral Branch.  The Mermaid & Seaman appealed to me because I love fairy tale themed charms.  The bead itself is very complicated and it’s hard to discern the figures (and much more difficult to photograph!), but the seaman is reaching for the mermaid and they both encircle the bracelet.  An angular and asymmetrical charm, this is definitely a Trollbeads design.  The Coral Branch is a smaller bead, more like a spacer than a charm, but there’s a lot of texture to it so it’s a great accent piece for your marine theme bracelets.

For designing this bracelet, I definitely took inspiration from the season – the cherry blossoms are blooming in Seattle, and we’re finally starting to see a bit of sunshine even though it’s still rainy and grey most of the time.  I really like this color combination!  What has been your impression of the Trollbeads Spring 2013 collection?  Anything you’re loving or not so much?


Bead index (starting from left): flower lock, 2012 LE lime green Easter egg, coral branch, denim prism, unique pink petals, mermaid & seaman, lime (retired), unique blue dillo, blossom, unique pink feather, peter (retried), elderflower, unique blue bubbles, unique green braid, cherry blossom, LE sakura, unique blue braid, zucchini flower, unique green bee, unique blue feather, butterfly swarm, unique pink braid, unique green hearts and flowers.

  • Lynda

    I’m loving the huge butterfly <3

  • Elyse

    Love your bracelet-it so inspires the feeling of Spring with flowers blooming, butterflies emerging and the pastel colors that start showing up everywhere. Excellent representation!

    • Leann

      Thank you so much, Elyse! Some bracelet designs are harder to come up with than others ;). I love spring when all the foliage starts to flourish again. I could do without all the rain though, lol.

  • Jan

    I am green with envy I think this is the prettiest, happiest bracelet I’ve seen!

    • Leann

      Aww, thanks Jan! 🙂

  • Linda

    In addition to your bracelet how-to’s, I so enjoy your detailed descriptions and personal impressions regarding each bead. So helpful! I love your blog.

    • Leann

      Why thank you so much, Linda! I’m glad it’s helpful :).