Trollbeads Small and Beautiful 3

trollbeads-2014-small-and-beautiful-coverThe Trollbeads Small & Beautiful uniques were introduced in early 2013 and after much excitement, the designs seemed to have disappeared around the end of the year.  These beads were so popular, it’s no surprise that Trollbeads released more patterns for 2014!  The new S&B were first spotted on Facebook about a month ago with some of the most awesome uniques I’ve seen, including more of the hard to find S&Bs from 2013 and new critter designs.  I don’t know what it was about this batch of glass but I was so excited and anxious to buy them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the bead parties or hunting down uniques, it’s a rather frustrating and time consuming process as the most popular designs are sought after by collectors from all over the world and let me tell you, these ladies are fast!  Therefore, I’ve spent much of the past few weeks devoting a lot of energy (and my bead budget) to tracking down all the uniques I wanted.  A few of these I was able to find overseas and in domestic stores by buying them in sets of 3, with not all of them desirable :/.  A number of them I did purchase separately, which made me feel much better and at least for now, I have most of the designs I want so I’m taking a much deserved rest from the hunt.

The popular S&B that made a reappearance were the dark navy galaxy, pink ridges and pink covered ridges, peacock, pink and blue cherry blossoms, amber ornament, and black spirograph.  There were also several of the not-so-popular designs that were brought back as well, including the tribal pattern, pink and green bubble swirls, green flower ribbon.  I’d love to know how they determined which uniques to produce more of, but I was very happy to be able to get the Pink Cherry Blossom and Spirograph I missed in the last release.  In addition to these past beauties, this new set of S&B included (some of these names I made up):

  • octopus
  • killer whale
  • starfish
  • dino/rat/bird
  • caterpillar
  • stars
  • stars and stripes
  • peace sign
  • purple galaxy
  • blue and gold glitter ridges
  • orange and blue spirograph
  • green glitter umbrellas
  • yellow, blue, and orange covered ridges
  • iridescent green bubbles
  • blue glitter swirls
  • blue and purple flowers
  • teal seaweed
  • pink/black ornament
  • multi-color eye of the storm
  • blue stepping stones
  • modern art
  • earth crust
  • tiger stripes
  • leopard print

Since it’s uncertain for fans whether these uniques are going to be available in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand, there’s always a rush to buy the best ones when they first come out.  This time around, it seems that Trollbeads has been continually sending more of these to retailers so perhaps I have been too hasty in paying a premium on a couple of the beads I got.  At least, I can be more relaxed when browsing for uniques, lol.  These examples are courtesy of Goldmine Trollbead Boutique, where they host bead parties almost every day on Facebook.

This is not the end for the Small and Beautiful; I’m already seeing new designs in Denmark retailers so expect another update on the S&B in the near future.  Are you as excited for these uniques as me?  What’s on your wish list?

  • Debra

    OMG!!!! You have been busy and you are right about these ladies are fast, you have to be quick to grab some of these. I’ve even made my husband watch for them on Facebook when I’m at work. I also hope the ladies with fast fingers are buying them for themselves and not to sell on EBay for a profit. I have managed to grab 2 dinos(will be used with OHM T-Rex and dino egg), caterpillar, stars and strips, teal bumps and starfish which I had to buy as a pair, but I didn’t mind that. The octopus I had to buy as a trio with the 2 tiger strips, I would have prefer the orange/coral beads and the whale was on a wish list. Now that I have all these new sea creatures I need to buy some silver pieces to match them. Since I have found the critters, I’m also taking a break, but I would like to have the pink/blue cherry blossoms but I need to fund the Easter collection coming up. I already have the Mother’s day collection coming and I can’t afford the new Cherry Blossom fantasy pendent and lets not forgot about Elfbeads and RBF, so taking a break from the S&B. Do you know how long the S&B will be coming in until they change them out? There are a few more I would love to have.

    • Leann

      Yes! I have been absolutely obsessed with hunting these down the past few weeks…I tried to ask my husband to help me but he doesn’t know what they look like :/, lol. You’ve done great yourself!! I bought the octopus for double the cost on eBay and the spirographs, cherry blossom, and dino bead in trios.

      You can never predict these things…I think we’ll see them for a little while at least; last year they were available for several months before disappearing. Our bead budgets are never big enough!

    • Raf

      OMG Debra, I literally laughed out loud about your husband! He must be a really good sport, you’ve done well on that front! 😀
      Wishing all you ladies a good and bountiful hunt! (I’m just starting to collect TB so am not even going to go there for now.)

      • Debra

        Unfortunately, he was not able to grab anything for me, as LeAnn said these ladies are fast. I think I got lucky because the FB sites that I was able to locate mine on, don’t announce the time and the beads just showed up and I lucky enough to log on at that time.

        Welcome to Trollbeads. When I started with TB I only wanted to build one bracelet with hot pink beads because that’s a color that Pandora doesn’t have. The more I looked at them the more I started to like them and the addiction just took off for there. I still buy Pandora but, I’ve when buying more TB then anything. I like the fact that I can change out the bracelet faster then Pandora. Once the Pandora bracelet is done, it’s done, I’m not taking it apart. Now I’m buying RBF, OHM, Elfbeads and even some Artisans beads. My collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

      • Leann

        I do the same thing, Debra – I end up stalking all these store pages and it is just exhausting! I think it’s better when they don’t announce it because at least then you’ve got a fighting chance. A few weeks ago, I found an AMAZING red eye bead that was randomly in a set of beads, and as soon as I claimed it, about 5 other people jumped on it too. The rush of victory is addicting! LOL.

        It’s definitely a slippery slope when you start getting into Trollbeads. I find myself much more willing to mix brands and experiment with designs since, you’re absolutely right Debra, they’re so easy to take apart. That’s why I hardly showcase my Pandora beads in these bracelet designs – it just takes too damn long to get them all off (and back on again)!

  • Tammara

    So where can I get these? Is it just something that has to be hunted down? An particular store?

    • Leann

      Some retailers will post the uniques on their website but the really good ones go fast. A lot of stores also sell on Facebook where they will post group pictures of the beads and you “claim” them by number and then pay via PayPal – Trollbead Boutique is one :). I’d recommend browsing around on Facebook.