Trollbeads Small & Beautiful 2

trollbeads-small-and-beautiful-uniques2It’s been half a year since my first post on the Trollbeads Small & Beautiful and I thought to give an update as to the status of these beads and introduce a few new designs.  There was an enormous frenzy for these uniques when they were first introduced to the market; having been dubbed by a popular Trollbeads retailer as “small and beautiful” because of the diminutive size of the glass charms, these were supposed to be very limited as the same retailer claimed only 800 kits were made (4800 individual beads).  It’s highly unlikely that that is a reliable number given that these have been available for almost a year and with new designs coming out in the recent months, but the availability of the small & beautifuls has certainly decreased dramatically especially regarding the more popular beads from this collection.

Trollbeads never gives names to any of their uniques and these are no different.  Therefore, the community has made an effort to name these designs for reference (refer to Trollbeads Small & Beautiful Uniques post for a list of popular beads).  More recently, new patterns in the small & beautiful style have been appeared on the market and I was lucky enough to snag a kit of these.  They include: amber ornament, amber galaxy, faux/almost butterfly, covered ridges, Navajo swirls, coral flowers.  These new designs were not produced at nearly the levels that the original Small and Beautiful were, but they’re undeniably part of the style.  The amber beads are so gorgeous, they’ve actually gotten me into the Trollbeads amber uniques.

I always have to balance my “need” and impatience for charms with the high price that these can command. So I’ve had to develop my patience by leaps and bounds since I’ve started collecting as my wish list grows ever longer. My patience has paid off and since my first post on these beauties, I’ve also been able to get my hands on the very desirable peacock, navy blue galaxy, green cherry blossom, and blue cherry blossom.  Hunting for Trollbeads uniques is never a dull endeavor, and I found these through friends, swaps, eBay, and the wonderful Trollbead Boutique.

I’ve been very pleased at my new acquisitions, but I’m still searching for an aqua ridges so if you’ve fallen out of love with yours, let me know!  Since the corals and teal reminded me of the sea, the theme I came up with for this bracelet is Caribbean treasure and I love it!  Have you been able to track down your favorite Small and Beautiful?  Has your opinion of these designs changed?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads unless otherwise stated): Redbalifrog mermaid lock, coral branch, coral flower, unique coral flower, Eske Storm magic rune, unique amber, unique coral faux butterfly, jugend, turquoise armadillo, unique amber ornament, bead of fortune, coral stripes, unique turquoise tiger stripes, Redbalifrog mermaid, unique amber, unique coral covered ridges, Eske Storm sea stallion, unique amber galaxy, unique teal fern, LE birds and flowers (retired), unique Navajo bubbles, root chakra, small planet (retired).

  • Jae

    You always make the most beautiful and interesting bracelets-Luv this one especially!!!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jae! I was very happy at how this one turned out too ;).

  • Julia Trubitsyna

    Oh the bracelet is perfect!!!
    I think cherry blossom will be on my wishlist….

    • Leann

      Love the cherry blossoms, I was lucky to trade with a friend for one and eBay the other one. They do get pricey!

  • Rachel

    Leann i’m a little confused on the small and the beautiful and the big and the beautiful… is the small and large just referring the core? are they all ooak? are the big and beautiful you talk about just UU?
    Sorry i just try to have my facts straight and this threw me a little…

  • Faye

    Beautiful bracelets! Trying to find a TB Peacock has become like trying to see the Dodo bird – they’re just all gone! I’be been searching for months for one for my bracelet in memory of my sweet mother-in-law who was born and raised in Kauai with peacocks in her backyard. I saw Pandora’s silver & crystal one but it’s not at all what I’m looking for this bracelet.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Faye! They’re still some around :). I hope you end up finding one, what a wonderful way to represent your mother-in-law!

  • Violet

    Hi Leanne – I am new to your site and so glad to find it. I LOVE this bracelet. I am kind of new to Trollbeads – and quickly falling in love with other brands too. I think I have to have these Eske Storm ship beads. I am so sad I am just finding Trollbeads – and cannot find the LE China beads because I am in love with the dragon and birds & flowers (*sad face).

    So I have a question – are Universal Uniques larger or much larger than Classic Core glass beads? And if they are – how to they look next to the Classic Core?


    • Leann

      The earlier Trollbeads are very expensive now :(. I’ve found the UUs to be significantly larger than the classic core, but there are ones that are normal sized too. There’s a lot of variation. The Bead of Fortune is awesome; it’s actually two pieces so they spin around and fit together differently. It’s so cool and definitely one of my faves! 🙂