Trollbeads Share a Christmas Card 2014

trollbeads-share-a-christmas-card-2014Last week Trollbeads kicked off their annual Share a Christmas Card event!  From November 4th to December 31st, you can exchange Christmas cards or postcards with Trollies all over the world through Trollbeads.  It sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually really easy to do.  Simply register your account on the Trollbeads website (located under My Trollbeads menu), you will receive a Troll ID and the names & addresses of 5 international collectors.  You can either pick up specific Trollbeads postcards from your local retailer to send or you can use your own.  When you receive a card, you register the Troll ID on the website and it can be seen on the sender’s account, and vice versa.

trollbeads-share-a-card-2012Every day in December, Trollbeads will be picking a winner from the participants to receive a special prize!  Every time you registered a card and your card is registered, it increases the chances of winning for both sender and recipient.  I’ve participated a couple times and it’s so fun to get mail from other Trollies around the world.  I even designed my own card one year, and that was extra fun.  Have you done this card exchange before?