Trollbeads Retirement 2014

trollbeads-retirement-2014In addition to the Trollbeads Spring 2014 Collection preview and the X by Trollbeads Valentine’s Day First Look, today is the official release of information regarding the Trollbeads Retirement for 2014.  The effective date is January 24th and all the following beads have been discontinued.  A number of my favorite are on the chopping block, including the seasonal dangles, Zanzibar, Nightingale, the Black and White Kit, and the New Black and White Kit.  As for the latter, the retirement will only include some of the designs – three from each kit will be retired with the remainder combined into one kit called the City Fashion Kit, coming out with the Spring 2014 Collection on January 24th, which includes the White Bubbles, White Flower, White Steel, Black Dillo, Black Flower, and Chess.


The entire retirement list includes 21 silvers, 2 two-tones, 3 mixed silver and glass dangles, 3 glass kits (Black and White, New Black and White, and Purple Kits), 2 stones, and 2 leathers.  A number of animal charms are leaving the collection but it accounts for the new ones coming out for the spring.  A real surprise comes from the two Black and White kits being discontinued since they’re so versatile and timeless, even with the release of the City Fashion Kit, the other 6 glass designs will most certainly be missed.  I’m also quite sad that the seasonal dangles will no longer be produced since they’re my favorite dangles from Trollbeads.

There’s still plenty of time to get these charms though, as some of the previous retired production beads have hung around for years later.  Some of these pieces are logical choices since there has been more recent designs that have replaced them, but there are a few newer to the line as well, such as the Coral Branch which only came out last spring.  Are there any surprises for you?  Anything you must get before they’re gone for good?