Trollbeads retired pink prism available for sale

Available for pre-order today, Trollbead Boutique is offering an amazing opportunity for new collectors to get their hands on this rare retired beauty at retail price!  The provenance of this bead is quite interesting – the ‘old’ pink prism was originally released in 2005 and quickly retired in 2007 due to the variation in color as these beads were made from pure gold.  However, when the American distributor was moving offices last year, they stumbled upon a box of 2,000 of these uncored charms. 

 Trollbeads has a very active second hand market as they routinely retired their collection and the company has been around for a long time so keeping that in mind, these old pink prisms had already appreciated significantly in value.  Not wanting to anger collectors, Trollbeads decided not to flood the market with these rediscovered gems.  Instead, these pink prisms have seen a limited release from time to time.  Some were shipped to Australia, some were sold at a new store opening on Europe, and the largest re-release so far had been the Breast Cancer campaign in 2011.  The old pink prism was offered as part of a limited edition set, together with the Strength, Wisdom, and Courage ring for a staggering $225USD.  All for a good cause though, as proceeds went to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  It was rumored then that these were actually a new form of the retired pink prisms, since they were hallmarked on the core (presuming then that the originals are not hallmarked).  But that was not the case, as Peter Aagaard himself has assured customers that these were the original pink prisms.

I am absolutely thrilled at this chance to own such a rare bead – I’ve already ordered 2 and can’t wait until I get them!  Full review then is to come soon ;).  Again, the old pink prism is available at Trollbead Boutique for $31USD while supplies last, and they do ship overseas as well.  These are small core so will not fit on other bracelet brands.

  • Angela

    Thanks heaps, bead is beautiful $31 …lovely price too . Ordered it today from TB , disappointed as was hoping immediate ship, but they say wont arrive there till next week Monday and shipped out by Tuesday, Wednesday . Probably wont get to me till Thur/ Friday .. near a whole two weeks of waiting … sigh but soo happy I will eventually have it.

    • Leann

      I can’t wait to get mine either!! It’s going to be torture, but worth the wait. 😉

  • Michelle

    I was never thinking of even starting collecting TB until I found this blog!

    • Leann

      Trollbeads honestly have the most amazing glass. And now is the best time as there a ton of deals going on ;).

  • Jennifer

    I am so glad I found charms addict recently! I was looking for information about Pandora, and now I placed my first troll beads order…Trollbead Boutique have great deals right now! A new addiction. 🙂

    • Leann

      Have fun, Jennifer! It’s another world ;).

  • Bara

    Hi Leann,
    do you know if Trollbeads Boutique is shipping to Germany?
    This pink prism looks so amazing, what a great colour.

    • Leann

      They do ship international!