Trollbeads Retired List 2013

trollbeads-blue-braceletSpeculation and rumors have been circulating for weeks regarding the upcoming retirement of charms from Trollbeads and we finally have the official list!  It’s been about a year since the last major retirement and we’ve seen a lot of new beads being released in hat time.  As of January 25th, the following charms will be officially retired.  Not to worry though, Trollbeads does not require retailers to send back their inventory (unlike Pandora) so there will be plenty of time to get these if you’re concerned about their status.  Most charms can still be bought at the retail price for a few years after they’re discontinued.

First off, two locks will be getting the axe and both have a flowers theme.  The pearl and dichroic clasps are simple and elegant, some of my favorite locks from the collection.  I am disappointed to see them go.

Each of these kits will be leaving the Trollbeads line and all the individual beads as well.  I am very sad to see so many gorgeous glass beads heading out of the collection, especially the green ones.  Trollbeads looks to be culling a lot of the blue and “spring-ey” themed bead from the line as well.  I suppose it just makes room for the new releases, but still…The pastel kit would go quite well with the Happy Summer kit, I would think.

The silvers that are being retired are not going to surprise most people.  A few designs have been revamped, e.g. berries, dolphins, seals; some have not been that popular to begin with, e.g. cherub numbers, team, champion, and kiss; and others I thought were already retired, e.g. birdhouse, cobra, four elements.

The gold charms leaving the collection are also unremarkable; the gold letters especially since I can’t imagine that many people have the money to spell out anything with these when silver would do just fine.  A couple two-tone charms are also receiving the cut: 2+2 and Happy Fish which are some of the more expensive two-tone pieces.

Lastly, just a few silver & glass are leaving the collection with no real substitute.  Trollbeads has not introduced a similarly styled charm in quite some time, so these ones are looking a bit dated.  The semi-precious gemstones leaving the brand are some of my favorites – the aventurine and the jades, which I’m not happy about.

Have any of these just jumped onto your wishlist?  Any surprises?  No word on what Pandora will be retiring for this season, but I will keep you updated!

  • Ashley

    Hey Leann, happy New Year! I had told u way back that I had received a TB bracelet with one charm on it but I never could figure out the name of it…..well there it is! The one on the last picture of charms, the one with the different color glass all around it. Not the pastel one but the one with the brighter colors. I’m just not feeling that charm! Does that mean it’s retired, meaning it could be worth more money than it was bought for, which I have no idea what the price originally.

    • Leann

      Aww, too bad Ashley. Well, the aftermarket price for TB production glass does not go up that much. They never recall their charms so many stores still have retired beads from two years ago. I would try to exchange it if you can.

  • Jeanne

    I’m sad to see the locks go. I think TB is short on their selection of locks, anyway, so I’m surprised they’re retiring any. I will have to get both of these. Too bad I just ordered the Lace Lock. I would have gotten one of these if I had known they would be retired. Gray Wolf (white with dark gray stripes) is also on my “must get” list.

    Leann, is that Big Planet or Small Planet that’s being retired?

    • Leann

      Big plant, Jeanne. It’s quite pretty, I like that one. I agree with you on the locks too. I don’t think there’s enough. But they’ll be around for a while still. 🙂

  • Boricuadiva

    Hi Leann, Happy New Year!
    Like this soon to be retired locks better than the new ones. Would love to get one of the gold letters but the price is above and beyond my addiction budget. Not sure how this works, do the beads values, both metal and glass, tend to increase once they’re retired? Just ran across a silver jellyfish at a local store but didn’t realize it was a retired bead, can’t find its price anywhere online. With this new spring theme, I think I’ll add it to the collection.

    • Leann

      Hi Liza, happy new year to you! The price of retired Trollbeads from the past few years have not increased in price at all (selling like regular used charms), but the earlier Trollbeads and retired limited edition pieces have appreciated greatly! Mostly because they have produced much more than they did before, when they were a small company. The jellyfish is $53 retail. 🙂

  • Carla

    Hmm Im curious for the 2014 list,if you have it please email me..
    Carla Simons

    • Leann

      I will post it on the blog when I find out.