Trollbeads Retired Chickens Review


I hope everyone had a happy Easter!  It was a busy Sunday for me and in honor of this holiday, I’m taking a look through the Trollbeads Museum and highlighting their roost.  The Hen, Rooster, and Chicken in Egg were retired at different times.  As such, these have varying degrees of scarcity with the Rooster being the most common and the Chicken in Egg being the most difficult to acquire.  I also included the Chicken in this review, but it is a current charm available in the line.


These chickens boast Trollbeads’ earlier aesthetic which means they’re bigger and more geometric in shape, without much texture or elaborate detailing.  The Chicken in Egg is actually a tiny bead and much smaller than either Hen, Rooster, or Chicken.  You really can’t see much of its design unless you look really closely or zoom in with a camera.

The Hen and Rooster are very similar but the Hen is a bit smaller and has a necklace or fancy feather around its neck, whereas the Rooster is larger and has its wattle around his neck.  The Chicken is a smaller version of its parents, as I like to think of them, but in the same style.  The Chicken in Egg is its baby sibling and it’s a very small bead, just hatching from its shell.

I’ve actually had this flock in my collection for a while now so I’m happy to feature them today.  They are a matching family and I’m lucky to have completed the set.  I love this bright Easter bracelet to feature these designs.  Do you have any of these retired pieces?


Bead index (starting from left): my sweet stories lock, dancing butterfly, unique pink scallop, unique two-tone green dillo, easter bunny, unique purple flower, LE pink egg tassel, hen (retired), LE green smiley, pink petals, chicken, unique purple footprint, LE green egg tassel, chicken in egg (retired), LE green joy, purple wave, rooster (retired), unique pink ornament, LE purple egg tassel, unique green hearts, unique pink dots, butterfly.

  • Martha Harris

    I have the chick in egg; it was hard to find, but I really love tiny beads.

  • yluthien

    I keep chickens and would love to get my hands on this set