Trollbeads Price Increase Imminent

trollbeads-logoThis is the last week to take advantage of the summer Trollbeads Dream Collector’s Sale, and I’ve got a bit of disheartening news regarding an upcoming price increase the brand will be rolling out.  As of August 11th, there will be about a 5-10% on pretty much all charms and beads.  In the US the increase will be as follows:

  • Silvers prices ≤5%
  • Glass prices 10%
  • Stone prices 10%
  • Clasps prices 5%

This information may not come as a surprise to some as there have been rumors of an increase but I wanted to get more details before creating a stir.  Like many collectors, this does not make me happy and while I might slow down a bit I don’t plan on quitting Trollbeads either.  The blow for me will be the uniques if they’re going to be more expensive as they’re already ridiculously pricey to begin with, and it’s the one thing I indulge in pretty much all year.  The new prices will definitely be in effect for the autumn 2014 collection, and it will be interesting to see what influence the cost hike has on consumer spending.  Now’s the time to take advantage of the 25% off summer sale though (until July 15th)!  What are your thoughts on the upcoming change in prices?

  • PurdyfulJen

    So the glass ooak are now gonna be practically $50….. that’s waaaay too much. I’m glad my bracelet is almost complete.

    • Leann

      I know :(. I heard closer to $46, which I guess isn’t *that* bad…but they’re too expensive to begin with! :/

      • PurdyfulJen

        Yeah I guess. I might have to get to my retailer soon because my bracelet is getting tighter now that it is fuller but I don’t know how loose a size bigger will be

      • Leann

        Yikes, they should definitely be able to change it out for you. It’ll probably be good to up the size, if it’s getting tight now.

  • Chic and Alluring

    This makes me really sad. Money’s kind of tight right now, but I guess it is what it is.

    • Leann

      I know :(. Prices increases makes no one happy!

  • AnnWoo

    I think it will slow down spending for most, I’m glad I have most of what I wanted. I have decided to slow down anyway and this will just make it easier to stop!

    • Leann

      That’s a good way to look at it. I’m hoping it won’t be too impactful. 🙁

  • Rae

    Will this include the X line?

    • Carolyn

      OMG most X links are $95 here is Australia…I really don’t think I could afford a price rise on those too!!

    • Leann

      No, thankfully :).

  • Bonnie May

    Geez, as if I haven’t been hitting the sale hard enough as it is, now I have to consider the fact that anything left on my wishlist is going to cost more next month? Oy. And Uniques going up 10%? 🙁 I may have to stop following a couple of fb pages that tempt me semi-regularly…

    • Leann

      I know…it’s wretched! Are you going to pick up the rest of the stuff on your list?

      • Bonnie May

        I don’t know. I’ve been so bad lately, and just ordered a new bunch of Uniques from TB Delaware tonight… 🙁 I may just wait for more retailers to sell off their stock at discounted prices. There are a few places on Long Island that have been 25% off for months now, I found someone online at 30%… And with the price increase, sadly, I’m sure more will follow. Right now I have “Walk,” “Elderflower” and “Guardian Angel” in a 30% shopping cart. I’m going to the Ann Arbor Art Fair this week.

        When I come home I really need to update pics of my bracelets (although most of my Trolls have been disassembled since I moved most of my Uniques to a 2-tone leather).

      • Leann

        Just wait until we get to see the Autumn collection! From what I’ve heard it’s going to be incredible :D. It never ends, does it?

  • Tracy

    I think it blows. We’ve already seen so many Dealers here make the decision to no longer carry Troll beads…higher prices are not going to help. And the timing is terrible. Happy Troll Day! Oh, and we are raising prices! Seriously?

    • Leann

      I know, I’m surprised at the increase when so many dealers have stopped carrying them :(. At least it won’t be *on* Trollbeads Day for the US, they’re going to wait another 10 days, lol.

  • Tia TL

    Ah phooey! While I’m sad about the price increase, I’m still going to buy Trollbeads, but just not as frequently. You can tell they put more thought, time, and effort into each and every bead compared to a lot of the other charm jewelry brands.

    I don’t buy Pandora anymore since I had a bad experience with one of their rude sales reps a month ago, so my Pandora budget will be going towards my Trollbeads budget instead. Muwahaha..

    • Leann

      I completely agree with you. I’m super sad but not ready to give up on the brand yet. Their glass is superb and their silvers are very hefty generally. 🙂

  • Michelle

    While I won’t stop buying trollbeads, I’ll definitely slow down 🙁 Almost $50 for a unique really bums me out.

    • Leann

      Yuck, right? They’re expensive enough as it is!

  • Boricuadiva

    Guess I’ll make sure I purchase a few from my most wanted list during the discount period as it will be it for TB until the next discount comes around.
    Do you know if the increase will apply to X?

    • Leann

      Won’t apply to X. Yes, make sure to take advantage of the sale while you can! 🙂