Trollbeads Pretty in Pink

Towards the end of November we saw the (re-)release of a couple special pink beads from Trollbeads.  The first was the Limited Edition Asian Hearts which is a followup to the Bavaria bead in the new country-specific charms category, and at Thanksgiving fans were surprised to find batches of the retired pink prisms made available for sale again at retail price.  Of course, I could hardly resist the opportunity to pick up a hard-to-find bead and ordered two while I was at it!  I finally received these charms and thought to combine a review for both since they are lovely shades of pink.

As I said earlier, I’m not keen on the fact that Trollbeads decided to combine all Asian countries to be represented by this bead.  I’m still protesting this decision, but let’s take a look at the charm itself.  I’m always surprised at how greatly the glass can vary and this is no exception – some hearts are bigger than others and the size of bead can differ as well.  I do like how the pink is wrapped around the core with the hearts painted on top of the glass.  There are 3 colors used with this bead, pink, red, and white and they blend very well together.  The Asian Hearts is perfect for Valentine’s day or lovers of hearts.

I was quite excited to get my hands on the retired pink prism since I thought these were a hot commodity, but I guess Trollbeads had found quite a stash because most large detailers were able to acquire a selection to sell.  I didn’t think I would be able to come across these at a reasonable price so I was jumped at the opportunity.  The retired pink prism has a unique color that is between pink and purple, and also shows glimmers of gold at the center making this one cool bead.  The difficulty in getting the right pigment is what led to this charm being retired; as you can see in the photo, the current pink prism is a light peachy pink color that’s very different from the original.  There is no denying that the vibrant hue of the old prism makes the new prism pale in comparison.

Pairing these pink beads with my other pinks was a lot of fun and when it came to picking out the silvers, how could I resist going along with the Asian motif with these Asian inspired charms!

Bead index (starting from left): swan lock, white diamond, unique raspberry dillo, WT Japan sacred house, LE Asian hearts, summer dot, lucky knot, unique pink petals, pink prism (retired), nightengale, unique pink hearts, white stripe, WT Hong Kong mahjong, pink prism (retired), pink desert, WT Hong Kong dragon & phoenix, unique raspberry dillo, unique pink spinner wing, cherry blossom, white bubbles, LE Asian hearts, LE Dutch tulip (retired).

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful bracelet Leann! Lovely balance of colors with the deeper raspberry shade.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jennifer! I’m usually not a pink girl, but I really like this one :).

  • Debra

    Hi Leann,

    Great blog!

    I usually hate pink because it’s too girly, but this bracelet is beautiful, and the pink prims really do make it special.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Debra! I’m not a fan of pink either, but the pink prism is a great shade. The darker red/pinks I don’t mind so much ;).

  • Angela

    I love pinkey purpley wine colors and just. Live this bracelet composition.Got my two Pink Prism last.week.Debating how to use them as not much to go with them.The Dillos really make the other lighter colors pop.Have not come across any this deep but will keep trying
    Is the Summer pink bead the same as the one on the Luck bracelet from earlier this year?

    • Leann

      They’re great, aren’t they? The raspberry dillo is actually a popular color for the OOAKs. The summer dot is a production bead from the Beach kit. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Leann, haven’t you said your not that into heart charms? So they made this Asian hearts bead to represent all Asian countries AND its pink!? Of course your protesting! 🙂
    I’m sorry, love.

    I have to say, for me I’m a sucker for pink. I bought two of the retired pink prisms with the bangle so I’m excited to get it all in. This was my first purchase of TB charms!! 🙂
    I’m thinking pink/turquoise themeish.

    • Leann

      Haha, you know me too well, Ashley! It’s a really nice bead though and perfect for Valentine’s day.

  • Brianne Adkins

    Leann, what are the beads with the gold and pink near the cores in the top pic? 5 in from the clasp 🙂

    • Leann

      It’s called “Summer Dot”, which is a regular production bead :).