Trollbeads Precious Stones

trollbeads-precious-stones-reviewOne of my absolute favorite products from Trollbeads is their natural stones collection. As far as I can remember this brand has offered semi-precious stones including quartz, chalcedony, jasper, jade, amazonite, agate, amethyst, and labradorite just to name a few. Before this last year, their only precious gemstone bead was the ruby but in autumn 2013 and spring 2014 Trollbeads released a sapphire stone and emerald, respectively. While these are rather pricey, at $155 each, they are made from natural gemstones which accounts for the cost.

As with all natural materials, the Trollbeads stones feature a wide variation in shade and inclusions. Contrary to how Pandora treats these naturally occurring variations as a quality control problem, I find that this is a great incentive in either selecting them in person or a reason for buying multiples since they can look so different. In fact, I’ve managed to acquire 4 Labradorites, 2 Smokey Quartz, and 3 Rhyolites just off the top of my head, for this very reason. Therefore, for the rubies, sapphires, and emeralds expect a large range of color differentiation and patterning within the bead.

These precious stones would probably be categorized as unpolished even though they are faceted which gives off a nice sparkle. Starting off with the Ruby, it is available with silver and gold cores and it is more a wine or burgundy color rather than red. In an effort to make it more affordable, Trollbeads came out with a cheaper version called Ruby Rock last Mother’s Day, which is actually a gemstone composite called Goodletite and not ruby. It has even more variation than the ruby since it’s a composite and has a large amount of grey inclusions in it. Comparatively, the Ruby also has darker brown inclusions but again that’s just my bead, and there are others with less impurities.

Moving on to the Sapphire, I would say that it’s about the same color overall with slight lighter grey and darker patches. It is prettier than I expected since Trollbeads stock photos can be vastly different than the actual bead. The Emeralds were a bit disappointing to me because I expected it to be a dark rich green but these are mint colored. These have darker green veins running through them but of course that changes from bead to bead.

The Trollbeads stones are small cored and can only fit on non-threaded bracelets, not Pandora. They are rather an investment but I love that they’re actual gemstones and not synthetic. If you don’t have a local dealer, I’d recommend contacting Trollbead Boutique to see their selection of these beads. Do the decadent beauties tempt you? Have you indulged in any of these natural wonders?

  • carol

    I would shop for these in person. My shop got Sapphire in for me and it was totally grey

    • Leann

      Oh yikes! Sometimes I don’t like the smaller stores that have to order things in. I like shops that have the whole line so you can pick from the selection :). I hope you were able to find one you liked!

  • KK

    I really, really like these. I love that Trollbeads offer natural stones and hope they keep it up.
    Saving up for all three 🙂

    • Leann

      Awesome! They’re so fabulous, one of my favorite things from Trollbeads!