Trollbeads Polished Pearl Fantasy Necklace

trollbeads-polished-pearl-necklaceTrollbeads US is introducing a high polished version of their popular pearl fantasy necklace which is coming out soon!  This piece is only available as part of three sets right now called: In Your Heart Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace which includes the Scarlet Bud and In Your Heart pendant for $230; Lotus Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace which has the Giant Lotus pendant and Luminous Delight Facet bead for $249; and the third is the Troll Tree Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace including the Troll Tree and the Forest Anemones glass for $255.  This necklace was first offered in the UK late last year and labeled an exclusive for them, but of course it has now arrived in the US and perhaps Europe will get it in the near future too.

Not all retailers have this necklace available and even though it was also part of a set in the UK at first, it is now being sold separately there.  If you’re keen to get the necklace separately, Macrow Exclusive Bead Store has it for £125.  I’m not sure that I see enough of a difference between the regular oxidized chain and this polished silver version to warrant getting both, but since I don’t have the pearl necklace yet this does present an enticing option.  These will be on sale from January 26th through February 28th on the official Trollbeads website.  What do you think of this change?  Do you prefer the oxidized look or a high polished one?

  • Bonnie May

    This was only introduced last week? I’d swear I saw high-polish fantasy necklaces at TB NYC in the last few months! I’m content with my oxidized chain, since silver & I don’t have the best relationship – a bit of a problem for a bead fanatic like myself. Silver starts to oxidize as soon as I look at it, much less wear it, especially around my neck, so if it starts a little oxidized and gets more so, oh well. But if it starts pretty & shiny I know I’ll never have the patience to get it that shiny again!

    • Leann

      I completely agree! I like the oxidized one because then I don’t have to worry about keeping it shiny, lol. 😉

  • Alok Kumar

    good one necklace introduce by US and looking so silver sterling good collection of this how i can get this jewelry.