Trollbeads Organic Kit

trollbeads-organic-kitWhile we’re waiting for the next release from Trollbeads, I thought I’d feature one of my favorite glass kits from this brand.  I’ve said it many times, but I cannot stress how much I love Trollbeads glasswork. The colors, techniques, and patterns are unsurpassed and easily the best in the industry.  The kits provide a great deal as they’re 6 beads for the price of 5, and I prefer to buy my glass beads in these sets.

Trollbeads does a fabulous job of pairing complementary colors together in their kits and the Organic Kit is a mix of corals, dark purples, and brown/green hazel.  These are production glass (which means that they are part of the catalog) and called Purple Armadillo, Purple Wave, Coral Flower, Coral Stripe, Organic Bubbles, and Organic Stripe.  I was incredibly drawn to these colors and this was one of my first purchases from Trollbeads.

Coral Flower and Coral Stripe have a clear core with the designs floating in the middle.  It’s a unique shade and rather difficult to find other beads to pair with but it complements other colors well.  The same is true for Organic Bubbles and Organic Stripe; the Organic Stripe has a beige glass overlaid on top of a dark green core and the Organic Bubbles has a lot of variation from light brown to dark green.  The Purple Armadillo is a royal purple in one of my favorite patterns and the Purple Wave looks like it has an indigo glass on top of a dark purple core.

The production beads only fit on non-threaded bracelets like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog* and are not compatible with Pandora.  These are available from official webstore (US), or retailers like Trollbeads Delaware (US), Perlen (Denmark), Macrow Exclusive Bead Store (UK), and Oromoda (Italy).  I added a few random silvers for this colorful bracelet, do you have any of these beads?

Bead index (starting from left): spiritual temple lock, ivory violets, black bicone (retired), organic stripe, spiritual adornment, unique coral covered ridges, purple wave, geckos, labradorite, daylight, coral stripe, opposites, purple dillo, labyrinth, coral flower, unique white/purple bubbles, spiritual ornament, organic bubbles, bicone (retired), unique purple flowers.

  • Lori

    Hi Leann, I like these beads too – the organic stripe and the organic bubbles were among my first Trollbeads glass, and I still have them on my favourite amber coloured bracelet. I like these kind of production beads because they have so much variation in colour or pattern, and the colour changes with the light. I like the coral ones too, but there are so many beads, so little money! I can’t wait until the new delicate kit is released, as I can see some of those beads on a pretty pink/lavender pastel bracelet I am attempting to put together. I think the Anenome flower with the orangey Aurora flash is really pretty in particular.

    • Leann

      You’re so right, too many awesome beads out there! 😉 I love the new Spring kits too, I can’t wait! 😀

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