Trollbeads Night Owl Pendant

trollbeads-night-owlTrollbeads recently released their much anticipated People’s Bead Contest collection – Traditional Sayings.  One of the most popular designs made it to the end and really speaks to me.  The Night Owl was a fantastic design concept and superbly drawn by Kevin Powell submitted back when the contest began in March 2013.  After making it as one of the 100 finalists for the collection, Night Owl generated lots of buzz and even more so after it was revealed as a winner!

Of course there are some adaptations from Kevin’s original drawing and Trollbeads interpretation of the design, mainly the addition of pupils to the eyes and enlargement of the beak.  Otherwise, I thought that the Night Owl pendant is very faithful to the original depiction of the animal.  It’s a really interesting design, and like most of Trollbeads fantasy pendants, incorporates a bead in its aesthetic.  Therefore, the Night Owl is a two-part piece, with the owl being halved and the addition of the glass bead to the middle of the pendant.  The owl is exquisitely crafted with the feathers detailed and outlined by oxidation.

It can mainly be worn on a fantasy necklace but can also be used on a bracelet.  With the theme that it embraces, I explored a number of nighttime and nature color schemes, my favorite being the dark midnight blue that represents the nocturnal settings that this little guy is usually found in.  This is definitely the standout of the collection for me both for its presence and the meaning behind the piece.  I’ve always been a night owl, which has led to some very sleepy mornings but it’s just part of my nature.  Are you a night owl?  What do you think of this pendant?


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  • Kevin Powell

    Hey Leann. Thanks for featuring the Night Owl pendant. I thought I posted a comment here a while ago from my phone, but I guess it didn’t go through. Anyway, great post and here’s a few pictures of the gold version that Trollbeads sent me in case you were curious as to how it turned out. I personally like the silver version a lot better. The gold really washes out the detail and you don’t get the oxidation that brings out the line work. Thanks again.

    • Leann

      Apologies for the late response, Kevin! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your amazing gift. I love the gold, but you’re right, the oxidization really makes the details stand out on the silver version. I hope you end up making some of your other designs (especially the green glass bead!). Thanks again :D.

  • Hayley

    Hi Leann!
    I have been a longtime reader of your blog (mainly to feed my Pandora obsession), but have recently bit the bullet with Trollbeads over their new Good luck starter set.

    I really love how you’ve styled this gorgeous necklace. Could you tell me what beads were used in the fantasy necklace? 😀