Trollbeads Native Elements Kit

trollbeads-native-elements-kitThe fall is quickly slipping by as we’re getting a dose of winter weather, but before we change seasons I wanted to finish off my coverage of the Trollbeads Autumn 2013 Collection.  The brand has kept me incredibly busy these last few months and the autumn release included a slew of charms that I absolutely adore – it’s by far been my favorite collection to date.  The beads reflected strong nature and floral themes, with the Flowers of the Month, Engraved Flowers, Faceted Spices, Purple Heaven Kit, and today’s focus the Native Elements Kit.  The glass beads are called: Green Pod, Red Pod, Orange Pod, Aqua Edge Triangle, Aqua Edge Pumpkin, and Aqua Edge Petals.

The Native Elements Kit has decidedly a springtime motif with two distinct design elements.  The Pods feature protruding leaves on the outside, with black polka dots on the surface of the glass, and the colors wrapped around the core.  The Green Pod is a pea green shade with orange creamsicle leaves, the Orange Pod is more of a goldenrod yellow with olive leaves, and the Red Pod is darker red with light green leaves. The Aqua Edges, as the name implies, has mossy green patterns edged in aqua.  The Aqua Edge Triangle is a work of geometric art with circular points on the ends of the triangle; the Aqua Edge Pumpkin is an asymmetrical design with large bubbles on one side and a wavy pattern on the other; and the Aqua Edge Petals have alternating large and small circles.

This kit has a lot of texture and interesting shapes, with the leaves on the Pods and the triangular glass that’s never been done before by Trollbeads.  The designs present a visual feast with translucent Pods and opaque Aqua Edges, and even though this set offers two clear cut aesthetics, they blend well together or can be used separately too.  These designs don’t have as much variation as some of the other production glass and they’re priced at $31 apiece or $155 for the kit.  I decided to extend the color palette of this set with more olive, orange, and red beads.  What do you think of these patterns?


Bead index (starting from left): water lock, opposites, unique orange footprint, aqua edge triangle, narcissus of december, green dillo (retired), orange pod, rose of june, saffron, aqua edge pumpkin, daffodil of march, unique green footprint, green pod, chrysanthemum of november, aqua edge petals, masala, large berries, red pod, unique green scallops.

  • Maggie Swan

    I absolutely luv these native elements, I only have two pods, in dire need of the others, I have put mine with the silver flowers, they are so beautiful aren’t they Leann?

    • Leann

      Love them with the flowers, for sure! I think you need the rest of them too ;).