Trollbeads Most Exclusive Locks featuring Tulip Lock and Italian/Faces Lock

trollbeads-exclusive-locksTrollbeads has a long and vibrant history and today I am so excited to be featuring a couple of its most exclusive designs. The brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and one of the locks highlighted in this post is from the beginning.  The other one is much newer but no less sought after, a rare clasp given to dealers overseas.

The Tulip Lock was a predecessor of the current Flower Lock.  There was only ever one batch produced, at the beginning of the brand’s history, and for some reason it’s been omitted from the Trollbeads Museum catalog.  The petals are blooming towards the top of the clasp and it’s a delicate but not overly feminine design.  It is a bit larger than the current locks and is a real sturdy piece.

I acquired it some time ago, but I have not gotten around to showcasing it on the blog until now.  It is one of my all time favorites and I do not know why it never made it into the general collection.  Unfortunately, its rarity comes at a high price and for those chasing this white whale, be prepared for the big price tag when it does [very infrequently] appear on the secondary market.

Turning to a much newer addition, but no less exclusive one, is what has been called the Italian or Faces Lock.  It was given to Italian retailers last year during the Trollbeads Academy (a dealer training event), and has made its way to collectors.  The lock is definitely old school Trollbeads style with harlequin faces on all four sides of the clasp.  The faces are difficult to make out because there is other textural detailing on each side but you can clearly see it on the close up photos.  It is smaller than the older locks but on par for the newer ones from recent releases.

This one was high up on my wish list and I was so excited to find one last month.  I haven’t figured out the perfect combination for it yet but I did want to write about its existence sooner rather than later.  The Italian Lock represents quintessential Trollbeads aesthetics and is a must for hardcore collectors!

I could not be happier with these locks and it’s amazing how much Trollbeads still continues to excite me, with old and newer designs alike.  Are these locks on your wish list?  Are you one of the lucky ones to have them?


  • AM

    They’re so pretty! I really love the Trollbeads lock system. Sadly my bracelet was stolen 🙁 I’ve been looking to buy a second hand one, and the locks available are the retired Pearl lock and the Tree lock. I’m having trouble choosing between the two as the Pearl lock is more expensive but it’s so pretty, and I do like the very trollish look of the Tree lock. I love the way you styled the two bracelets here, also!

  • Alice Wonder

    Love this locks, I would of got both of them if they were available.