Trollbeads Seahorse and Dolphin Locks

trollbeads-seahorse-dolphin-locksOne of the best things I love about Trollbeads is the locks and the interchangeability of the entire bracelet, so I love collecting all the production locks that Trollbeads offers. Today, I take a look at the new locks, featuring aquatic animals released as a part of Trollbeads Spring 2013. The overarching theme for that collection is the beach and marine life so these clasps fit right in. I’m always excited to see new locks added to the collection so I was eagerly anticipating this release. When I received them though, I noticed some differences between these new locks and older locks from Trollbeads…

It appears to me that the newer locks are a tad smaller than the older ones, they also feel lighter and more flimsy as well. I understand the effort to keep the price point the same as the other locks, with the rising prices of precious metals, but diminishing the quality of the product is not the right move. Even though they look about the same as the other clasps, they just don’t feel right to me, they’re not as sturdy which is a big disappointment.

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about the design of these locks. The dolphins and seahorses are cast in the same type of silhouette and you can definitely tell these came out in the same collection. If anything they reflect a contemporary style compared to the older Trollbeads locks which definitely have a gothic flavor to them. Being the first locks released after the Catching Hearts lock and Berry lock, I was happy to see that Trollbeads didn’t try to fuddle with actual lock mechanism this time, so these work just fine.  As for styling of these locks, I prefer the Seahorse lock because there’s more detail and texture than the Dolphin lock.

These locks pair perfectly with the sea life themes so popular this season. Although, if this is the look you’re going for, my recommendation is the Big Fish double lock. The seahorse and dolphin locks are less obtrusive if you like the clasp to blend in with the bracelet. I’m the opposite so I would love to see more double locks from Trollbeads! Have you tried out these new locks?

  • Lianne

    Hi Leann,

    Forgive me, I’m a complete TBs virgin but that murano next to the lighthouse is stunning, do you have a name or code for it? I have to have it, please say it’s current!

    Great photo’s these marine theme bracelets are gorgeous, you must have hours of fun! 🙂


    • Leann

      You’re in luck! Those are both production beads (available currently), and the one on the left is called Sandstone and the one on the right is called Conch. They do not fit Pandora bracelets though, but all beads fit on Trollbeads bracelets. 🙂

  • Wendy Carr

    Gorgeous bracelets Leann!!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Wendy! 🙂

  • Jeanne

    I haven’t tried either of the new locks, but I got close look at them in person at my local dealer. I agree that they are slimmer than the older locks. I hope they are as strong, but a full bracelet is heavy, so I don’t know if I would trust them. Beach themes are not really my thing, so I will pass on both of these. I do have the Big Fish lock, though, and I love it!

    • Hue

      I also got a big fish lock and absolutely love it on my tiny wrist

      • Leann

        I like that one too, I wish Trollbeads would come out with more double locks!

    • Leann

      I have the same concern, Jeanne. I’ve tried not to strain the locks when I’ve worn them on bracelets but it is worrisome!

  • caRol

    At first when I saw the picture of these locks was relatively unimpressed, but being the Trollbead enthusiast (addict) that I am felt that they will have to be added to my collection. I have bought and received the dolphin lock and was happily surprised with it. Small but attractive. Sure, lacks bulk but actually I thought that lack of bulk added to its appeal. Have placed it onto a blue green leather bracelet and it looks good. I always have trouble doing up my locks on the leather bracelets, so no different to the other locks in that respect. I didn’t think it lacked design but I have not seen the seahorse lock yet. Hopefully my next purchase. I guess being my first ever lock, the fish will always be my favourite but yes, the dolphin lock hits my spot.
    My only comment with Trollbeads is….. I’ve been collecting Trollbeads since early 2007 so was always keen to get every bead, however with the constant output of new beads from Trollbeads now adays this is now virtually financially impossible. I wish Trollbeads would go back to there exclusivity with not so many new releases. Also, Everyone seems to adore the OOAK’s. Not for me. Far far too many, no clear information regarding whats out, whats coming out, the animals, designs etc.. The first i hear about these beads is on forums such as this one. This is making it impossible to be able to have a complete collection of Trollbeads. I much prefer the set design glass beads with their own individual differences. But of cause that’s my opinion.

    • Leann

      Wow! Going on 6 years of collection, Carol? That’s impressive! Yes, it does seem like Trollbeads is coming out with a ton of new releases, even if it’s just one bead here and there. I actually think the uniques are one of the best features of Trollbeads, I never get bored :).

  • TrolldorA

    how lovely these green and blue hues are…
    up to now I’ve tried the Seahorse lock the Big Flower lock and I must say like the size of the first more, the flower lock look very nice, but I find that the smaller lock somehow fits silver bracelets better 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks, Trolldora. It’s great to hear that you like the seahorse lock, for me it’s just a little too delicate for my heavy bracelet, I think.

  • rainey

    I agree with everyone that the Big Fish lock is a stunner. It was my first one and it may always be my favorite. …tho I’d invite TB to come out with others of this weight and excellence. After all RedBaliFrog does. ;>

    These new locks don’t compare with Big Fish at all or even favorably with previous more substantial locks.

    I had a Freja lock fail on me and I lost a couple beads as a result. My dealer replaced the lock but the lost beads don’t fall under the protection of any warrantee. So if these locks are flimsier I wouldn’t even consider them. Which is just fine for me as I think the designs are pretty sophomoric.

    And PS, always use a stopper or a safety chain. I now use both!

    • Leann

      The big flower was my first and it will always have a special place in my collection! I also really wish Trollbeads to continue the double lock series, and you’re completely right Rainey, *redbalifrog* has great locks. The freja is also one of the more delicate locks, and that is so devastating that it would fail on you! I’ve heard of that happening too, and these new ones are even lighter than that one. I haven’t had any break on me yet (knock on wood), but I don’t really use stoppers because I like how the beads have some wiggle room on the bracelet, and I haven’t bought any safety chains yet since I haven’t dropped any of my bracelets. Those are great tips though :).