Trollbeads Leather Bracelets Inspiration

trollbeads-leather-stackI prefer light jewelry when it’s hot and now that summer is in full swing, this post offers some inspirational looks with the Trollbeads leather bracelets. It’s been exactly two years since I reviewed the Trollbeads leather bracelets, and it’s the perfect time to take a look at all the options available now.  Trollbeads has really put an emphasis on their leathers and for the past several years has consistently come out with two new colors per release.


This brand started with solid colors and for in-depth information including how to size and wear the leather bracelets click through the link: Trollbeads Leather Bracelets Review.  The dual-toned leathers were introduced with the Spring 2013 Collection and there are complementary and contrasting shades available.  The functionality is the same as the single color bracelets but it’s a fun alternative.  Here are a few combos I put together of the leather bracelets I’ve gotten over the past couple of seasons.

These are the Cyan/Key, Dark Blue/Light Grey, Turquoise/Plum, and Orange/Navy.  I used a variety of themes from glass and silver accents to the sea – basically what the bright colors remind me of.  I stick to a more minimalist look for these, and I change them out frequently.  What do you think of the Trollbeads leathers?  Which color is your favorite?