Trollbeads LE Sweet Christmas Kit

trollbeads-sweet-christmas-kit-coverEvery year in recent history, Trollbeads has released two limited edition glass kits for their holiday collections.  In my first Christmas collecting the brand, the two kits were the Decoration Kit and Sweet Christmas Kit.  I gravitated strongly towards the Decoration Kit and it was only last Christmas that I really saw the appeal of the other one.  The Sweet Christmas Kit is traditionally festive and perfect for the holidays; the beads are called Garden Snow, Red Posy, Red Berry, Christmas Kiss, Red Wrap, and Sweet Frankincense.

When the Christmas 2012 Collection first debuted, I only bought a couple of the beads and that was the Garden Snow and Sweet Frankincense.  Both my collection and photography skills have changed a lot since then, so I hope this a good second look at these beads.  Even though this kit came out two years ago, it hasn’t been too difficult tracking down the designs.

Garden Snow is an opaque white bead with a green budded python pattern.  Red Posy also has a white base with a checkered flower design.  Red Berry has a swirl of red and green on a white base which looks like a sprig of garland.  Christmas Kiss is a white bead with fleur de lis design but with the mossy green leaves, it resembles holly.  Red Wrap has a burgundy red glass with lines of red and white and red spots.  Sweet Frankincense is another favorite of mine, and it’s a white bead with swirls and dots of glitter.

I find that this kit has been more versatile than I expected and I’m excited to showcase them this year.  As with most of their beads, the glass only fits threadless chains like Trollbeads or *redbalifrog*.  I combined these with more traditional red and green uniques plus my Ohm Beads Christmas silvers for this festive bracelet.  Do you like these holiday designs?  Have you gotten anything from this kit?


Bead index (starting from left, TB glass and Ohm Beads silver): TB berry lock, you melt me, unique white glitter mini flowers, LE red berry, baby reindeer, LE moonlit ice, unique burgundy fern, flakes for friends, LE sweet frankincense, unique burgundy buds, st. nick, unique green glitter ribbon, LE red wrap, carolers, LE Christmas kiss, unique Christmas magic carpet, Christmas tree, LE red posy, unique Christmas glitter harlequin, gingerbread boy, unique burgy glitter flowers, LE garden snow, Mrs. Claus.

  • koolchicken

    That Christmas glitter harlequin bead is amazing. Why did I not pay more attention to the Trollbeads posts before?

    • Leann

      Haha, trying to resist temptation? 😉

      • koolchicken

        Something like that. I can think of no other reason!