Trollbeads LE Summer 2014 Kits

trollbeads-le-summer-bohemian-kitsTrollbeads released a dedicated summer collection this year called the Summer Bohemian Collection.  The main focus was on pendants which are large statement pieces and utilize the traditional snake chain necklace.  I don’t usually wear necklaces so I was more interested in the other part of this release which was the two limited edition kits.  The Summer Nature Kit and the Summer Coolness Kit are perfect for the season and while they’re not very unique designs, they’re still fun especially if you haven’t managed to get these kinds before.

I prefer the Summer Nature Kit of the two because it features my favorite shade of green with complementary oranges and yellows.  The six beads are named: Summer Meadows, Summer Straws, Summer Bushes, Summer Flowers, Summer Trees, and Summer Bees.  The Summer Straws and Summer Bushes are the best of the kit for me because I love the design combined with the colors.  This is also a great opportunity to grab a smiling bee since these critters are no longer really being produced by Trollbeads as uniques.

The Summer Coolness Kit is perfectly named as it showcases the cooler colors of blue and purple, with touches of glitter.  These beads are called: Summer Petals, Summer Hay, Summer Blossom, Summer Decoration, Summer Flourish, and Summer Butterflies.  The Summer Blossom and Summer Hay have corresponding designs in the Summer Nature Kit with the Summer Flowers and Summer Straws.  This set also boasts a critter – the sideways butterfly which was incredibly popular, and again they haven’t really been seen since last year.

These glass beads go together perfectly as a kit or can be purchased separately as well.  They are small core, which means that they will only fit on non-threaded bracelet so not Pandora.  Even though they’re limited edition beads, they’re easily sourced at this point and my preferred retailer is Trollbead Boutique.  Do you like these glass designs?  Have you picked up any of these beads from the Summer 2014 Collection?

  • Julia

    The Summer Bees is absolutely adorable! Would love to get it.

    • Leann

      It is really cute! I love how he’s smiling.

  • Lori

    I really like the summer coolness kit, especially the summer decoration bead, but I am new to Trollbeads so I am not really familiar with uniques that have been issued to know whether these designs are that original or not. I only have 9 beads, so I am no expert! One thing I wish they did with their glass would be to make better use of magnification instead of just applying flowers or other decoration to the top surface, but it may be too expensive for them to do this, although I think the blooming Sakura bead uses inset canes or pieces of molded glass near the core for the decoration in a pretty way, but I don’t have that one so I don’t know!

    • Leann

      That is a great idea! You’ll see more fabulous designs the longer you hunt for uniques ;). A lot of the designs are just on the surface though, easier to make maybe?