Trollbeads LE Red Christmas Kit

trollbeads-red-christmas-kitMerry Christmas, everyone!  I hope you’ve woken up to sparkly presents under the tree and got what you wished for.  To celebrate this festive occasion, I’m taking a look back at one of the first and most traditional Trollbeads holiday kits which debuted in 2011 called the Red Christmas Kit.  All the holiday glass sets have been limited edition, and this one was also very popular but they can still be found for sale on the secondary market.

The Trollbeads Christmas 2011 release included two holiday kits called Blue Christmas and Red Christmas.  The blue set focused on the winter season and is probably the more versatile of the two; the red set featured a mix of greens as well which put it squarely in the Christmas category. The beads were named: Red Tinsel, Red Snowflake, Festive Flower, Green Garland, Together Forever, and Holly Berry.

My favorite from this kit is the Red Tinsel and I’ve used it often in other bracelet creations; it is true red opaque bead with glitter pattern normally known as “swag”.  Red Snowflake is a mix of white, red, and pink and resembles quilted flowers more than snowflakes to me; the base is more pinkish than the white that the stock photos show.  Festive Flower is on a red base with green spinner flowers encircling the bead.  Green Garland is another red bead with dark green 3D flowers all over glass.  Together Forever has a vertical heart pattern which was brought back for last Valentine’s Day and is similar to the LE Eternal Love exclusive for the Spring 2014 release.  Lastly, Holly Berry is a wonderful complement to Red Snowflake as it has a similar design but with a swirling green and blue mix.

Like most of Trollbeads glass, these are small core and only fit on threadless chains, like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.  I’ve had a lot of fun with these festive Christmas designs this year and I’ll be tracking down the first glass kits released for 2010, which was Christmas in Hawaii and Christmas in Australia.  I still prefer the Blue Winter Kit for its versatility but I so appreciate the patterns in this set.  Which one is your favorite of the two?  Have you acquired any of these limited edition beads?

Bead index (starting from left): berry lock, unique green glitter pumpkin, LE together forever, moonlight cat, LE green garland, LE holly berry, willful cat, unique Christmas flower, LE red snowflake, in your heart, unique Christmas glitter harlequin, unique poinsettia, LE festive flower, Christmas heart, unique red ornament, LE red berry, impulsive mouse, brown golden thread, swaying straws, shooting stars, LE poinsettia, LE red tinsel, lucky parrot.