Trollbeads LE Magic Winter Kit

trollbeads-magic-winter-kitIt didn’t feel quite right to be reviewing holiday themed charms before Halloween so now that we’re officially into November, I’ll be featuring a series of reviews from the Trollbeads Holiday 2014 Collection.  To kick it off, I’m showcasing the LE Magic Winter Kit today, which is one of my favorite holiday glass sets of all their holiday releases.  Unfortunately, since the company didn’t plan to split up the kits, the individual beads remain unnamed so for ease of use, I’ve dubbed them as follows: Blue Snowflake, Blue Flowers, Blue Petals, White Tree, Blue Tree, and Blue Glitter Wave.

As has been their tradition, Trollbeads has released two limited edition glass sets for the past several years.  For this release, it was the Magic Winter Kit and the Classic Christmas Kit, with the Magic Winter Kit being the more versatile set while the Classic Christmas Kit has traditional holiday colors and motifs.  I’m always excited for Trollbeads glass and these were no different.  The Magic Winter Kit is simply stunning with a mix of blue, white, and seasonal themes.

The patterns included in this kit have been incredibly rare and much coveted by collectors so this is a great opportunity to get them at a reasonable price.  The Blue Snowflake is a white bead with blue snowflakes and bits of snow dotted across the surface.  Blue Flowers has baby blue 3D flowers coming off the bead with a vine-esque design underneath. Blue Petals similarly has textured bits on top with a blue core and clear glass.  The White Tree is a Christmas tree design in an opaque blue bead and the Blue Tree vice versa.  Lastly, the Blue Glitter Wave is my favorite from the set and has a dark blue core with a white ribbon wave in the center sprinkled with sparkle.

Like most Trollbeads, these have small diameter cores and only fit on threadless chains like Trollbeads or *redbalifrog*.  Since they are limited in quantities, I recommend getting the ones you like before they’re sold out.  Even though the company is not breaking up the kits, most dealers will sell them individually.  My recommended retailers are: official Trollbeads website (US), Trollbeads Delaware (US), Perlen (Denmark), Macrow Exclusive Bead Store (UK), and Oromoda (Italy).  Keep in mind that Perlen has launched a loyalty card program, buy 5 and get 1 free (of a specific value) and there’s also a bracelet promotion happening right now for the US.  Do you like this kit?  Which is your favorite glass design?

Bead index (starting from left): lace lock, unique blue feather, LE blue glitter wave, snowball, harmony facet, LE blue flowers, shooting stars, LE blue tree, lapis lazuli, singing in the snow, LE blue petals, unique blue bubbles, snowman (retired), LE blue glitter wave, LE white tree, holly bushes, LE blue snowflake, unique blue bubbles, winter snow, unique blue dillo, unique rainbow waves.

  • Martha

    I *love* this set, although it’s not in my budget. And how fabulous is that unique rainbow waves at the end of the bracelet…wow!

    • Leann

      I love it too! It’s definitely worth picking up a couple if you can squeeze them in ;). Thanks! That was one of my discoveries from the Trollbeads at the Beach event :).

  • Elizabeth Fetter

    Do you think you will use some of the beads in this kit for other non Christmas bracelets? Is that why its a better choice then the classic Christmas kit?

    • Leann

      Oh yes, I’ll be using them for other winter themed bracelets or they’re nice blue beads in general. I like the Classic Christmas kit too but it’s very red and green.