Trollbeads LE Love Symphony Kit

trollbeads-love-symphony-kitJust out with the Trollbeads Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection is the limited edition Love Symphony Kit.  This set includes 6 glass beads featuring the sideways heart design; this is a pattern that has been seen before in the uniques, especially the ones that were released before Valentine’s Day in 2014.  Since these were meant to be sold in kits, they don’t have individual names but for ease of use, I’ve dubbed them by colors: peach hearts, pink hearts, orange hearts, purple hearts, red hearts, and glitter hearts.

As typical with these kits, Trollbeads has done a great job in pairing complementary colors.  These beads work well together or separately and are wonderful for Valentine’s Day.  The color profile is reds, pinks, and purple with a mix of solid hearts and white hearts outlined in color.  The pink hearts matches the Asian Hearts perfectly with a light pink undertone and white hearts lined in red.  My favorite by far is the glitter hearts which has a hint of burgundy and is such a pretty bead.

Like most Trollbeads, these have small cores and only fit on threadless chains.  They’re a nice addition for this holiday and first time a kit has been introduced for Valentine’s Day.  This is a great opportunity for fans who do not have access or want to hunt for uniques to have a chance at these designs.  The Love Symphony Kit can be purchased from the official website, Perlen, or individually from Macrow Exclusive Bead Store and Trollbeads Delaware.  I matched these beads with a few other love themed beads, which color is your favorite?

Bead index (starting from left): catching hearts lock, white triple pearl, caring light, LE peach love symphony, LE Asian hearts, eternal love, unique glitter grub, LE pink love symphony, heart ball, unique cherry dillo, LE glitter love symphony, rose of June, LE red love symphony, LE purple love symphony, heart 4 you, LE orange love symphony, unique glitter flower, blossom, unique glitter double scallop, unique purple galaxy.

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