Trollbeads LE Holly Jolly Kit

trollbeads-holly-jolly-kitFor this Christmas, Trollbeads has followed tradition and released two limited edition kits with their Winter 2015 Collection.  The color themes have been the same for the past few years and it’s true this year, a traditional red and green set and a blue and white one.  The Holly Jolly Kit fits the former and the Holiday Kit is the later.  This post will feature the Holly Jolly Kit and since they are not named by Trollbeads I’ve named them: Green Garland, Red Glitter Hearts, Green Tinsel, Green Glitter Flower, Red Glitter Bow Tie, and Green Glitter Criss Cross.

They’re festive and fun, even if they’re not all that “unique”.  These designs have been seen throughout the year and it’s interesting to have them represented this season.  All the beads have glitter in them, which is popular with fans and my favorite is definitely the Green Tinsel, which I also have without the bright red buds.  The Red Glitter Hearts and the Red Glitter Bow Ties were common around Valentine’s Day earlier this year.  The Green Garland has blue outlining the swirls which is a striking accent.  The Green Glitter Flower resembles a glitter poinsettia which is perfect for Christmas, and the Green Glitter Criss Cross is a quintessential holiday bead.

This kit pairs extremely well with each other and is wonderful for use with any holiday bracelet.  The beads have small cores and only fit on non-threaded bracelets like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.   My recommended retailers are the official Trollbeads website, Trollbeads GalleryPerlen, and Oromoda.  Do you like the holiday limited edition kits?  What’s your favorite design from this set?


Bead index (starting from left): go Christmas crazy lock, singing in the snow, LE red glitter hearts, unique green garland, mittens, LE green glitter criss cross, LE red Christmas tree, go Christmas crazy, LE red glitter bow tie, LE green tinsel, crystal heart, LE green glitter flower, unique red north star, Christmas heart, LE green garland, scarlet bud, snowman frost & lady thaw, unique green slug, unique red hearts, fireworks.