Trollbeads LE Decoration Kit

December is finally upon us and every day brings us closer to the holiday festivities!  In this post, I take a look at Trollbeads Decoration Kit, a limited edition kit released for Christmas 2012.  Of the two glass kits released for this season, I was drawn much more to the Decoration Kit with its black, grey, and glitter tones because these beads can be utilized and worn all year round rather than restricted to Christmas-time.  That being said, the photos do not do these justice!  I was so happy when I opened my package and saw how wonderfully crafted these are.

There are 6 glass beads in the kit and the notable difference right off is that they are opaque glass, and not clear like most of Trollbeads’ glass.  These are limited edition uniques that are produced in wide availability and consistency.  The beads are Flower Shadow, Festive Feather, Golden Petals, Fireside Glow, Night Blossom and Golden Bauble (respectively).  I’ve yet to feature any of these types of designs so they’ll be coming soon in the future.  Here’s a look at each individual bead:

These are the best production uniques that Trollbeads has offered in a while because of the color coordination and the fabulous designs.  The grey and brown remind me of a warm and cozy winter’s night, sipping hot chocolate by the fire.  You also can’t go wrong with glitter!  The tough part was to find beads to match this wonderful kit; grey is not a common color in the Trollbeads palette but I did wind up finding some beautiful uniques and gemstones to complement the kit.

Bead index (starting from left): elephant lock, winter, LE zurich film festival bead (retired), LE Christmas 2012 festive feather, LE China great wall (retired), LE Hartwell House bead, LE Christmas 2012 golden petals, LE anniversary viking knot (retired), LE Christmas 2012 golden bauble, PAXSUZbeads prayer wheel, unique glitter quilt, WT Netherlands van gogh, LE Christmas 2012 night blossom, labradorite, LE China eternity (retired), LE Christmas 2012 fireside glow, golden quartz, decorative bird, unique grey scallops, PAXSUZbeads pax, LE Christmas 2012 flower shadow, lotus.

  • Jennifer

    Very pretty, I love your bracelet Leann! Especially the PaxSuzbeads. And yout placement of the Trollbead lotus at the end looks great.

    The brown Trollbeads are surprisingly pretty! I wouldn’t have expected that the brown would look so nice, when mixed with the silver.

    • Leann

      Thanks you so much, Jennifer! I’m really liking this combo, the colors really complement each other :).

  • Boricuadiva

    Hi Leanne! Just bought my 1st Trollbeads bracelet and was planning to get Winter, it looks Great at the beginning of yours. This may very well be the beginning of a very expensive addiction

    • Leann

      That’s wonderful! It is…but it’s so fun ;).

      • Boricuadiva

        Have you gotten their bangle? It looks so nice and different.

      • Leann

        I haven’t, but I’d love to get one! Maybe for Christmas…? Lol.

  • Angela

    Really like your bracelet… Went to Troll store yesterday (Trunk Show) kind of upset she never ordered this kit only the traditional Red Green. Thought that would be a surer seller, she says by Thursday night first day of show the 4 sets of the 6 she originally ordered were spoken for. By the time I got there she had 2 beads left. She reordered on Friday hoping to have them by this Friday.
    I like the look of this bracelet as it transcends Christmas and will look good all year. The Red /Green will look too blaring beyond January.The Pax Prayer Wheel is a nice reverend touch. I thought the beigey , brown,bronz and grey theme would look boring or flat with the silver but it looks, elegant and very rich.. I liked the Red/Green traditional kit , but it seems so limited. Sale will extend to this week ,buy 3/1 free will pick up a few of these.
    I always loved Teal /Turquoise , never knew how much until I looked at my 31/2 bracelets and realized t they each had beads in that color range…. and what did I buy this weekend more Teal/blue beads. Getting two Pink Quartz from TB and OMGoodnes nothing to match them???? like I need another excuse to go bead shopping LOL.