Trollbeads LE Classic Christmas Kit

trollbeads-classic-christmas-kit-coverTrollbeads traditionally comes out with two limited edition kits for the holidays and this year they are the LE Magic Winter Kit and the LE Classic Christmas Kit. I adore this brand’s glass so I also seem to frontload the features on them.  The Magic Winter Kit features blues and whites which are perfect for the season, whereas the Classic Christmas focuses on the traditional colors for the holiday. Not only are the greens and reds reminiscent of Christmas, but the motifs themselves are also very apt for this time of year.  Unfortunately, this is another kit where Trollbeads has not given the individual beads names, so for easy reference I call them: Christmas Bubbles, Red Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Red Bubbles, Christmas Holly, Red Flowers.

Of the two kits that Trollbeads usually releases for their holiday collection, I tend to gravitate towards the less traditional Christmas themed one.  Even though that’s still the case this year, I find the Classic Christmas Kit incredibly appealing.  My favorites are the ones recognizable as Christmas foliage including the Red Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, and Christmas Holly.  The Christmas Trees have always been a rare design, so I’m very excited to see this one and the other two in the Magic Winter Kit available this year.

The Red Christmas Tree are white trees on red glass with spots of white and blue which is an interesting choice as I feel green would have been more appropriate.  The Poinsettia is a translucent green bead with red poinsettias just under the surface of the glass.  Christmas Mistletoe also has green glass with the leaves of the holly encircling the bead and dots of red placed on top.  Christmas Bubbles is an intermix of red and green triangles that have bubbles in the middle; there is actually a lot of variation with this pattern as the triangle size lets in more or less of the surrounding white color.  Red Flowers and Red Bubbles are rather plain designs with white accents, but on the positive side they are not so tied to the holiday and can be used more easily with other designs.

Most retailers are selling these beads individually, although Trollbeads is not cutting apart the kits.  Since they’re limited edition, I recommend getting the designs you like sooner rather than later as they’re likely to become unavailable first.  As with most Trollbeads glass, these are small core and cannot fit on threaded bracelets like Pandora.  The kits can be found on the official webstore, or individually from retailers like Trollbeads Delaware, Perlen, Macrow Exclusive Bead Store, and Oromoda.  I put together my first super festive bracelet with these beads and I love the outcome!  Are you a fan of this set?  Which design is your favorite?

Bead index (starting from left): bow lock, unique green python, LE red Christmas tree, bougainvillea, unique green garland, red buds, Christmas rose, LE red bubbles, LE poinsettia, crystal heart, LE red tinsel, LE Christmas holly, winter snow, root chakra, aventurine (retired), Christmas heart, unique cherry dillo, LE Christmas bubbles, holly bushes, LE red flowers, unique green glitter bushes.

  • Lori

    It is too bad that red and green together are so associated with Christmas, because they are so pretty. I really like the Christmas bubbles bead with the red bubbles a close second. I tend to like more abstract glass designs and designs that come from the core, not the bead surface, and are not solid colour glass thoughout the bead.

    • Leann

      I agree! Anytime you see them together, you automatically think Christmas which is too bad. I like them together too. The designs in the glass are so cool, I like those too :).