Trollbeads LE Blue Christmas Kit

trollbeads-le-blue-christmas-kitContinuing my spotlight on past Trollbeads holiday kits is a look at the limited edition Blue Christmas Kit from 2011.  This goes back a few years and includes one of the first Christmas sets from the brand in recent history.  For that year, Trollbeads released two kits, Blue Christmas and Red Christmas which have been staples for holiday bracelets.  This was a bit before my time, but they’re still relatively easy to find and I was able to purchase a whole kit earlier in the year even though I had a couple of the beads already.

Of the two kits, Blue Christmas is the more versatile and less traditionally Christmas-ey which I tend to gravitate towards.  The beads are called Moonlit Ice, White Tinsel, Blue Snowflake, Blue Tinsel, Angel’s Wings, and Snow Swirls.  The main colors are white and blue with accents of brown.  All the beads have a white opaque base with the exception of Blue Tinsel.

Moonlit Ice features a checkered blue pattern with a vertical and horizontal light blue lines.  White Tinsel is a quintessential white glitter design and pairs perfectly with Sweet Frankincense (from the Sweet Christmas Kit) and Golden Bauble (from the Decoration Kit).  Blue Snowflake looks more like a quilted design than a snowflake as it is dark blue on white glass.  Blue Tinsel is my favorite from this kit and one I have multiples of; it is an opaque navy bead with glitter otherwise known as an ornament unique.  Angel’s Wings is a blue and grey spinner flower encircling the glass.  Lastly, Snow Swirls is a harlequin design with a dark brown center and blue edging on a white base.

These have small cores which only go on threadless bracelets like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.  I matched up the Blue Christmas kit with some winter themed silvers to create a frosty holiday arrangement that can be worn all season.  What do you think of this wintry Trollbeads kit?  Have you gotten any of these beads before?


Bead index (starting from left): bow lock, unique 2012 white glitter ornament, unique white glitter chess, LE snow swirls, Christmas rose, LE blue tinsel, LE blue snowflake, singing in the snow, unique blue glitter flowers, LE moonlit ice, crystal heart, unique blue snowflake, LE angel’s wings, winter snow, unique blue eye of horus, LE blue Christmas tree, snowman (retired), LE blue snowflake, unique blue swag, bougainvillea, LE white tinsel, unique blue glitter dots.

  • koolchicken

    These are simply stunning. Pandora is killing me lately and I see many of my future bead purchases coming from Trollbeads. I’ll admit, for silvers I still love my Pandora, but I’m more into all of their old beads. I did like a lot of the beads in this fall and winter release, but I disliked more than I liked in the Valentine’s day and Mother’s day collections. Just a single Murano and a spacer from the Spring collection and a few from the Valentine’s one. I think I’ll be investing in a Trollbeads bracelet or two and start mixing and matching. And why not? Pandora is starting to move away from the threaded cores so it’s not like I’ll have to worry about rubbing and wear on the threads. And Pandora silvers are definitely less expensive than Trollbead silvers. I think I’ll be picking up all the soon to be retired beads I love, and one or two from each new collection, but the rest of my beads will be Troll.

    Oh, and the Disney beads. I waited years for this. I’ll still buy those, but only because they seem to be more reminiscent of Pandora’s old style. If they go to the new cheap chunky look with the Disney ones in the future I’m going to be very upset. But even still, I think some of those Disney beads would look just darling next to some sparkly Troll muranos…

    • Leann

      That makes perfect sense. I’m a bit upset that Pandora is creating so many hollow non-threaded charms as well since the threading is part of their trademark. You can’t go wrong with Trollbeads glass, they are phenomenal!

      • koolchicken

        I mentioned it to my husband and he thought it made sense too. Pandora is the only one with the threads (that I know of). There has to be a reason they’re doing away with them. So many are threadsless, enough for it to be suspicious. This would be a good way for them to remain competitive. They pretty much give the bracelets away. I doubt they’re getting much in sales from them. The bulk is coming from the beads. And if your afraid to mix and match because you’re worried about it affecting the threads (that’s what kept me from looking at other brands myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone) you might not buy that brand. Doing away with the threads will increase profits from a production level as well as on a sales level because more people may be willing to buy them now.

      • Leann

        That’s interesting! My theory is that they’re cheaper to make since they’re hollow. It’s all about the bottom line! :/

  • Kitty Chang

    Hi I am new to trollbead. Can troll beads fit on Thomas sabo Karma bracelet?

    • Leann

      Yes, but they probably would look out of place since Trollbeads is much larger than the Karma beads.