Trollbeads Hematite Review

trollbeads-hematite-bangle-stackI’ve been remiss in my reviews for the Trollbeads Spring 2015 Collection, but I’m hoping to get them all done before fall comes out! Today, I’m taking a look at the new Hematite beads from that collection.  These beads are absolutely unique in the brand’s catalogue and many fans were excited for their arrival, myself included.  There are 4 colors available: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

These beads are dyed hematite stones and have a slimmer profile compared to the other natural stones offered by Trollbeads.  They have a nice weight even though they are thinner than other beads.  The “Red” Hematite is undoubtedly more of a purple to most people and the other colors are more aptly named.  For me, the green one was actually the toughest to match with other glass because the shade is rather different than anything else they make.

The dyed process creates a ring of other colors around the silver core.  I was really looking forward to these but I’m not completely happy with the blue and red I received.  As you can see, the dyed effect is not consistent throughout, which leaves streaky areas and bits of scratch marks all over.  This is how I received them and I haven’t played with these much so they’ve been stored in my bead box most of the time.  My other two are fine though, so I think it may have been the luck of the draw – it could be easily remedied by picking them out yourself.  The durability has been debated by fans and the biggest complaint I’ve heard so far is about the color fading.

These beads are very cool and if you don’t mind the imperfections, I feel like they’re worth getting as you can do so much with them and the scratches are not as noticeable on the bracelet.  As for long-time wear, time will tell but fading could be an issue since they are dyed.  Trollbeads have small cores and only fit on threaded chains, so not Pandora.  My recommended retailers are: the official Trollbeads website, Trollbeads Delaware, Trollbeads Gallery, and Perlen.  I tried to match these colors for this bright mix of charms.  What’s your experience with these stones?  Do you like their look?


Bead index (starting from left): LE good luck lock, tears of Shiva, azure wave, seabed, blossom, yellow hematite, unique purple bumps, snails in love, green hematite, turquoise silver trace, geckos, luminous delight facet, red hematite, butterfly swarm, blue hematite, emerald, elderflowers, aurora flower, unique yellow stripe, midgard serpent.

  • Tanya

    I love the hematites. I recently bought the red one and I love the way it looks on my pink theme bracelet. It also looks different depending on where I am, outdoors or indoors, or even in a different room of my house! I wanted to get the yellow and green as well but I am discouraged by the scratches and the color change that has already happened since I bought mine. It went from a rich purple, to a purple red, and is now a deep burgundy/brown with patches of purple (and this is not the change of light that I mentioned room to room). I tried to polish it but it just constantly looks a little dull. Still love it, but I do worry about buying more, since the shine is what I love so much from promo pics.

    • Leann

      Maybe you should take it back to the store? It really depends on what beads you get, as some have scratches and others don’t :).

      • Tanya

        I bought it on Haven, as I look back I think the person was selling it because it was fading for them. It doesn’t bother me too much, like I said I still love it, but I have decided only to buy 1 more and not get them all.

  • Sue Sabalburo

    I think they’re nice and reminded me of carnival glass.

    • Leann

      They are, aren’t they? 🙂

  • Carol

    Leanne, I LOVE the way that you have included all four shades of the hematite beads on your bracelet. Looks amazing! I only purchased the blue hematite, but I am very pleased with the color, shine, and weight of the bead. It is amazingly versatile and I like the way that it changes color in different types of lighting.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Carol! They are SUCH striking colors :D.