Trollbeads Gold Campaign 2016

trollbeads-gold-campaign-2016-cover1As has been the tradition of the past few years, Trollbeads is coming out with another gold collection this fall!  The release includes two special designs – Dancing Butterfly and Opposites Attract.  Both are very popular silver beads so I’m excited to see them in gold.  The launch is scheduled for September 30th, so just a week from today!  The photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, please do not reproduce without crediting.

Along with the release, Trollbeads will be starting their gold promotion campaign on the same day.  With any purchase of a gold charm, you can receive a free silver bangle with two stoppers or a bracelet including a flower lock.  Again, Trollbeads gold is 18K not 14K, so it is slightly more than other brands’ gold charms but that means it’s a deeper yellower gold.  This offer will be available on Trollbeads online and in their retail stores.  Have you indulged in any gold beads from this brand?