Trollbeads Foundabead – Pokémon Edition (5th Anniversary Giveaway)


The Trollbeads Foundabead contest is back!  Longtime followers will remember the first Foundabead scavenger hunt featured the smiley beads.  The brand is following the amazing Pokémon GO phenomenon and is hosting the Foundabead competition again with Poké ball style beads.  The event started a couple weeks ago and fans have been scrambling to find these elusive beads ever since.

Retailers have been allotted a few of the Pokémon Foundabeads and have come up with creative ways to give them away.  I’m so excited to be included in this event considering today is the blog’s 5th birthday!  I can’t believe I’ve been writing for 5 years now and it’s been so amazing to see how the community has grown.  My husband has been a huge Pokémon GO player since it first came out and he’s got me hooked too, so I’m doubly happy to be able to be part of Trollbeads history.


I’ve got 4 Pokémon Foundabeads to give away courtesy of Trollbeads and since my Poké stops are too out of the way for people, we’re going to be doing a online photo entries.  To enter, please attach a screenshot of catching a Pokémon in the Pokémon GO game app around your jewelry or bracelet in the augmented reality (AR) view in the comments.  You can be entered once on the blog and once on my Facebook page (make sure to like the page and share the post, #foundabead).

The contest ends 11:59pm EST on December 4th, and the winners will be randomly chosen between the Facebook and blog entries.  Please take a look at the contest rules.  Everyone can participate, domestically and internationally, but due to raising shipping costs the winner will have to pay for shipping.  Have you been playing the Foundabead game?  Good luck, everyone!