Trollbeads Flowers of the Month Review Part II – April to June

trollbeads-flowers-of-april-juneContinuing happily along in my mini-series on the Trollbeads Flowers of the Month set is April through June.  Ever since I got my hands on these babies last week, I’ve been dying to showcase them.  Readers of the blog know how much I love flower themed beads and Trollbeads has wildly exceeded my expectations and then some!  The birth flower, similar to birthstones, is unique to each month and the every blossom also displays a pearl somewhere on the charm.

The Daisy of April: “The birth flower of April conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity. The daisy is good at keeping secrets whispering, “I’ll never tell”. Concealing its good friend, the pearl, in plain sight to protect its beauty.” This one is the smallest of all the flowers and it’s a dainty charm. Trollbeads did a fantastic job transforming the common daisy into a style icon; a quick glance at this bead and it’s likely to be mistaken for an aesthetic design.  The daisy has a geometric symmetry as the many petals are concentrically spread around the center. In the stock photo, the pearl looks to be on the bottom and the flowers on top, but the core actually goes between the blooms making it more horizontal than vertical. The price is $53USD/€47EUR/£41GBP.

The Buckthorn of May: “Hiding among the leaves of a buckthorn is a precious pearl of beauty. This birth flower of May represents hope and happiness, only wishing the best for all.” Another smaller charm, this one has three large flowers and the pearl is cradled by its distinctive leaves. The buckthorn actually is mostly green foliage so this design is not an accurate depiction of the plant. It does have small flowers in the early summer and berries in the fall, but they are not the main attraction for these bushes. The price is $53USD/€47EUR/£41GBP.

The Rose of June: “Different colour roses have different meanings, but they are all inquisitive, clever and versatile and represent the birth flower of June, with love and beauty hiding a freshwater pearl between its leaves.” The rose is probably one of the most popular flowers, and it is indeed my favorite of this review, and used to symbolize everything from eternal love, to friendship and grief. One of the largest in the set, this rose is stately and resembles the Trollbeads rose fantasy pendant. The pearl is hidden from view among the many petals in the back, so it’s not readily apparent to the eye. The price is $56USD/€51EUR/£45GBP.

More wonderful additions to the Trollbeads collection, these three flowers are incredibly beautiful.  We’re halfway through the Flowers of the Month reviews, and tomorrow’s post will cover July to September.  My preferred retailer is Goldmine Trollbead Boutique where they have promotions every day (buy $100, get $20 gift certificate).  I thought the color combination for this bracelet was a cinch – picking red for roses, green for buckthorn, and white for daisies but found that it resembled a Christmas theme, so I detoured and chose pink for roses, dark green with amber highlights for buckthorn, and white for daisies (also with a hint of yellow for the distinctive daisy center disc).  I’m still not sure I like this combination, but it’s definitely different!  What do you think of these charms so far?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads unless otherwise stated): pearl lock, winter, unique green/amber spinner flower, buckthorn of may, unique pink braid, Redbalifrog frangipanis (retired), white dillo, Redbalifrog daisy chain, unique green/amber pinwheel, Redbalifrog chrysanthemum, unique pink ornament, rose of june, crown chakra, Redbalifrog roses, unique green/yellow scales, Redbalifrog daisy, LE sakura (retired), Redbalifrog frangipanis forever, unique green/amber fern, daisy of april, unique white glitter harlequin.

  • Jae

    I’m disappointed in my birth month (May)-Where did buckthorn come from in the midst of a floral theme? To my knowledge, May has always been lily of the valley-Sadly, I don’t like it

    • rainey

      Too funny how individual tastes work. Of that group Buckthorn is the only one I ordered. ; >

    • Leann

      You are absolutely right! Lily of the Valley is May’s birth month. I don’t know why they used buckthorn as it’s not even a flower :(. I love lilies so lily of the valley would have been much better IMO. 🙁